Politics?  What politics?

I have been obsessed, for as long as I can remember, with friendship, the inexplicable human attraction that, in its most basic form, cannot be parsed, diagrammed or explained in reliably irrefutable language.  We have all experienced or observed the phenomenon.  Thirty or so preschoolers, previously unknown to one another, walk into a classroom, clinging to their mothers, scared and without the basic tools for social interaction, and three months later, several pairs or occasional triads have begun life-long friendships.  From the random groupings of scouts, little leaguers, campers, soccer players, co-workers and any number of loosely planned or totally haphazard gatherings, countless forever-type bonds are forged, and I am unable to find any satisfying psychological explanation.

I’m assuming that most people are like me, collectors of a hodgepodge of individuals who come in and out of our lives and are thus catalogued, by some right-brain imperative, as “friends”.  I admit to too freely using the, “one of my oldest and/or dearest” designation when referring to someone whom I may simply have known, but true friends, the throw-yourself-in-front-of-a-bus-to-protect friends, well, they’re precious and rare.

I’m writing this in a very happy place, in the northiest part of New York State, surrounded by my best friends, and even though I can’t cast any empirical light onto the why of that reality, I am fully aware of how lucky I am and how committed I am to never take them for granted.

Oh…this really is me…my blog has not been abducted by aliens.