…I was basking in the unusual spate of positive reaction to last week’s blog, still buoyed by three days, immersed in natural wonder, ogling a majestic, neighborhood bald eagle, calmed by the soothing lapping of Chateaugay Lake, communing with four world-class communers, technology lite and purposefully keeping the madness at bay, when suddenly, on the ride home, perhaps around exit 20 on the Northway, like a creeping virus, even with the radio tuned protectively to the Beatles’ Channel, I could feel it oozing into my pores and BANG…this totally fucked up week happened.

I was going to provide a hand-drawn corroborative diagram or eye-popping chart to illustrate my sad transformation back from zen to perpetual angst, but all I could find was a Sharpie®, and god knows I’m never using one of them again.