Dear Dems

Enough already!  Enough with the stupid, pretend debates and snarky sniping at one another!  Enough trying to find bullet points and leverage and poll surge and demographic acceptance!  Right now, in this unique moment in time when the world is literally spinning out of control, it is first and foremost the existential responsibility of all thinking humans to pool their resources and wrest control of what remains of American democracy from the tiny, evil hands of Donald J. Trump.  This primary, primarily a giant waste of time, stops now!  Get in a room with the best and brightest and do not come out until you can present a unified, honest, inclusive plan and a charismatic, bullshit-lite candidate to rally universal voter turnout as step one of a multi-step solution to saving our country and the world from its current path towards self-destruction.

Media…no more Trump tweets!  No more rally rants!  No more equal time liars!  You should have plenty of material just covering the end-of-days, scary-as-shit news we are faced with at every turn.  Enough commercials for boner pills and side-effected meds and vaping products, (how is that legal, by the way?)!  The free press has historically been part of the solution not an abettor of the problem. Get it the fuck together!

We are nearly out of time.  Do this now! This is not about any of you…it’s about all of us.