And one more, (maybe more than one), thing…

Stop with the hearings!  You’re simply pissing off the choir and emboldening the Kool-Aid®-slurping-Stepford-People who are not going to be swayed by your incredulous ineptitude at uncovering the truth.  Of course, I still truly believe that our team has the smartest players, but somehow, we have yet been able to rally that smartitude into a cohesive, (pronounced “ef•fec•tive”), plan of action.  This should be easy.  The other side, even by their own written, preached, Sharpied, locked-and-loaded and line-danced code of conduct are 100% wrong, for us, for our country, for our planet and, (please find a way to use this next part), for themselves…about everything.

I get it.  Just re-reading the above paragraph in my head sounds whiny and that will not cut it.  The leader of the criminal enterprise we are up against has that mob boss, despotic ability, (perhaps his sole asset), to confidently shape-shift reality into whatever he says or does and we have to stop responding like the bullied playground kids or Dale McGloughlin is going to keep kicking our ass every day after 7thgrade and, “He started it!”, is woefully inadequate to bring about change.

To recap…End this stupid Primary crap!  Biden is not the guy.  We can take some sage advice from Dean Pitchford, but we have been “Holding Out for a Hero” for over 35 years and we need to hand pick one, NOW!  We have to put all of our intellect and energy into the most sweeping non-violent victory in human history.  It will take mobilizing an army of local diplomats to go to every corner of the country with the plan to include and empower EVERYONE: the ready-to-flip, out-of-work miners of Minnesota; the bible-thumping fly-overs who need to be reminded of exactly what it is that Jesus would do; the racially and genderly confused, most of whose DNA would prove that their perceived boogiemen are actually living within their own genetic code; and yes, even the totally out-of-touch 1 percenters need to be shown a graph or pie chart that illustrates that there is no purchasable ticket out of the End of Days.