…not necessarily the political opposite of Left, although, as I write this, I’m not so sure that’s the case.  What I’m going for is the antithesis of Wrong, and the relationship that is the touchstone for most civilized understanding of what constitutes sanity.  This theme has been parsed and pondered since ancient times in cave paintings, storytelling, songs, literature, film and social interactions around dinner tables, water coolers and cups of barely-drinkable, steaming cafe coffee.  At its core, rightness is not that debatable until it is filtered through the distorted lens of self-serving personal gain or malice. Perhaps it has always been the case, a trait etched deeply into our common double helix, that choosing to not do the right thing is merely predicated on the depth or lack of the consequence and, if the reward, despite any good angel chiding, is pleasurable, well, you know…Pavlov.

We are living in an awful time when bad behavior is laid bare in the constant noise of radio, TV and the screamy-streamy InterNet.  How can we hope to fulfill the human responsibility of leaving the World better than we found it when the determination of Right and Wrong, which is supposed to lift our specie-specific intellect above all others, is so openly, and shamelessly Wrong?

These are but a few topics that our evolution, (yeah…that crackpot, creation-shaming nonsense), should have, by now, assured to be no longer arguable:

  • Human Rights
  • Gender Equality
  • Global Warming/Environmental Responsibility
  • Poverty/Homelessness
  • Peace
  • Boxers/briefs
  • Healthcare
  • Religious Oppression/Oppressors
  • Gun Safety
  • Kindness

And yet, in nearly equal, biblical proportion, supposedly sane, (knowing the difference), humans are digging in.  Choices are being made, picking Wrong over Right.  Wasn’t it much, much better…just a minute ago?  Weren’t we making, albeit glacially slow progress toward a more-inclusive, more-responsible, kinder planet?  How did we go from hope, (Obama), to amorality, (Fuck Wad), in a blink?

At the time of this posting and at the risk of allowing optimism to creep into the purity of my glass-half-cracked world view, it appears that FW has possibly gone too far and that some Ws may be joining the Rs and the pendulum may be swinging back toward the light. I’m not holding my breath…(well, I am, but that’s a whole other story).