I’ll Say It

Not that I haven’t said it in many ways before…

Even if you get your data from the Classic Comic, (do they still have those?), version of World History, you don’t have to delve very deep or even pay too close attention to understand how fear and divisiveness have been the fundamental tools of kings, czars, emperors, shoguns, popes, presidents and prime ministers since…well, since anybody thought to keep track.  Imaginary borders and deities, unsubstantiated demonization based on race and ethnicity and gender, the mutant gene that makes some feel better than or more deserving than, has kept us big-brained hominids in turmoil since…well, since anybody thought to keep track.

If you’ve read a little deeper, you may have noticed that 20th century communication innovations appeared to make things a bit better.  The very real tug-o-war, the Good v. Evil struggle, had this new light shined upon it through the telegraph and radio, newsreels and TV and that exposure seemed to be trending toward the better angel version of humanity.  Sure, there was Hitler and Stalin and Pol Pot, et al, but mostly, their exposed bad behavior eventually was revealed to be too heinous in the end to let stand.  We formed alliances and tried to mingle our best nature into a more hopeful future.

Who could have imagined that we could backslide, maybe existentially, in such short order?  The perfect storm of wealth disparity as a result of the unchecked growth of mega, mega, mega corporations, the ratcheting up of ancient, tribal religious and ideological zealotry, the proliferation of the fact-checkless InterNet and the emergence, on a global scale, of too similar misogynists ascending to seats of power, has emboldened unwarranted hatred by laying every shortcoming and oppression at the feet of “others”.  Here, in this land-of-the-free-home-of all-men-being-created-equal, the one place on Earth that, for decades, has been the beacon of hope and promise for the most marginalized on the planet, we have allowed suspicion and fear and their cheerleader-in-chief to drive to begin erasing 100 years of slow but steady progress.  I know, I know, there are a lot of you crackers out there who were never happy with all of the lunch counter and bus seating changes and that gay thing and the Jew thing and of course them Mexicans that keep sneaking across the border to take away all of them cushy produce-picking jobs you were up for.  What I’m saying is…we fucking liberals DO NOT need to compromise with you about any of that.  You need to take a ride on the evolution train and get with the program or your intolerance and turning a blind eye to the in-your-face evil you are in lock step with will lead to the ever increasingly real chance that Trump or Putin or Kim or Xi or Khomeini or, (no joke), Giuliani goes one step too far…and KABOOM!