When all is said and done, (I just realized what a stupid phrase that is…since it’s always followed by something, nullifying its basic premise that all has been said or that anything is ever done), in democracies, like ours, it’s about choice.  In its purest form, we choose by majority vote, the rules by which we live and the people tasked to enforce and, from time to time, amend or expand them with, again, our popular approval.  We’ve had our issues sorting this out, most drastically our disagreement over slavery that ended with 620,000 dead before we were finished duking it out, but, in general, we have made slow but steady progress in the direction of making the United States and those countries who admired and sought to emulate us freer and more hopeful.  I think the choices used to be clearer, then, at some blurry point in history, one side or both sides or all of the sides decided that in the true sense of all-bullshit-all-the-time, winning whatever point stand or mandate was more important than the clarity of it all.  The understandably confused electorate has become cynical and unreliable as the arbiter of the common good and now chaos rules the day as some 40% have chosen, inexplicably, to line up in support of a psychopathic, misogynistic, egomaniacal, racist clown person who has, in short order, dismantled the best of our hard fought for institutions, alliances and respect as the leader of the free world.  What the fuck!?  Somebody from that 40% with a vocabulary beyond “Hillary”, “Fake News”, “Witch Hunt” and “Socialist” needs to tell me why him.  Surely your choices have to include some personal reward.  What might that be exactly?  Every day, for the last three years, I’ve been unable to turn away from the pile on of abhorrent behavior, any single item of which would have toppled governments in pre-Trumpian history…and he’s your guy?  Please…please choose something else!