…the fact that we have become so diametrically opposed in nearly equal measure, requires a step-back, unemotional reassessment.  The utter chaos of our politics, the snarky “gotchas” by liberal pundits and the “oh no you dints!” of the Trumpers has suddenly brought to mind, (well, my questioning, cacophonous, unwrinkling remnant of a mind), that just possibly there are two legitimate sides to this story.  I qualify what comes next with the disclaimer that everything I’m about to write, simply breaks my heart.

There are people who really, truly, unashamedly believe in racial superiority, divine selection, ethnic cleansing and a too long list of exclusionary, us-or-them issues.  It’s hard for me not to use words like crazy and despicable when thinking about such folks.  I mean, haven’t we, as a nation, been chipping away at this kind of thinking for most of our history, moving baby step by excruciating baby step in the opposite direction?  Or, has the social climate simply been incompatible with wearing the corroborating slogany tees and hats in public…until Trump?  Has the rise of this champion of bad behavior provided cover for what appears to be a groundswell of intolerance and, if this is the case, how do I fit in if my democracy skews to that as the majority opinion?  Truthfully, I’m not prepared to deal with accepting a fascist, (even if by popular vote), America.  The once unimaginable notion that the USA would ever be anything other than the champion of equality, the welcoming sanctuary of the oppressed and the charging cavalry riding to the rescue of the world’s most threatening behavior has, under this president, this sad excuse of a human being, become manifest in such rapid and egregious fashion that I fear it may never regain its footing.

I know, I said unemotional, but this can’t really be happening…can it?