No Sense of Decency

Frankly, I’m running out of ways to say the same thing over and over, and yet, not unlike waking from a troubling, recurring dream, my outrage and dismay are being reset on a daily basis.  Although I’m starting to sadly embrace the notion that a very large percentage of our country, very possibly every country, is, by my moral compass, blatantly despicable, I still resist rolling over on the hope that fundamental human kindness, empathy and a shared conceptually similar innate good will could be our salvation.  Really, I think we’ll soon be taking to the streets in all-out civil war.

Donald Trump is a Russian asset, aware or an unwitting witless buffoon, but nonetheless a manifestation of a brilliantly devious ploy by a master spy to bring America to its knees, (this would be the appropriate time for your “Mission accomplished!” declaration, 43).  The chaos that has become the norm revolving around our bloated moron president would be hilarious fodder for a farcical Broadway musical if it wasn’t, more immediately, a tolling of the death knell of our democracy.  Joe McCarthy took us to the brink from which we narrowly escaped.  However, in the end, attorney, Joseph Nye Welch’s voice, asking McCarthy, “Have you no sense of decency, sir?”, was the catalyst that prodded many too-long silent legislators to finally shut HUAC down.

I got nothin’ to lose…Republicans, have you no sense of decency?