Cleansing Breath

If you care enough to dive into the bowels of political fetidness, the colonoscopy-like probing would lead to a dismal prognosis…not just of today’s political sphincter but that of the lower GI of every governmental digestive tract since the first edict or proclamation or straw vote.  Just read a single paragraph of the Pentagon Papers or the Afghan Papers or watch Wag the Dog or The Report or Dr. Strangelove and your equilibrium will be challenged by the realization that these are not mere fictions, but the sordid realities of our worst behavior.  As an acolyte and willing slave to hyperbole, this is where I would infer that we may have found, in this latest incarnation, an historically unspelunked bottom to the abysmal and amoral depths to which we have previously sunk.  Hitler and his Axis certainly has maintained a well-deserved “evilest-of all-time” ranking, but Trump and his cadre of bat-shit-crazy Donnie-huggers is on a mission, as in all things Trumplodite, to be No. 1.  Why anyone would line up behind an asshole who would turn on them, in the ugliest way possible, at the slightest hint of a lack of fealty, is beyond comprehension.  I would take a sorely needed cleansing breath, but he has so fouled the air, that all of the above run-on sentences have been written without an in or exhale.