What to Say

I get it.  It can be confusing when you’re elected to Congress or the Senate as a Republican and you find yourself having to choose between the leader of your party or the country and Constitution you swore an oath to serve and protect.  NO…it isn’t!  To help, any of you in either of those categories who has not been lobotomized, stand up in your particular chamber of government and read the following:

“I, (state your name), a concerned citizen of the United States of America and a duly elected representative of (state your constituency and your elected position) can no longer sit idly by while a shameless, criminal buffoon dismantles everything decent and honorable about the country I love and swore an oath to protect.  I have been complicit in mindlessly defending his devious and dangerous activities and destroying our standing in the world as the defender of freedom and human dignity.  His dangerous behavior has brought us to the brink of conflict that could tumble the world into an existential conflict that could last generations, if not lead to Armageddon, and I can no longer remain silent.  He must be stopped and stopped now!  I apologize for taking so long to do the right thing.”