Bad Guys

It used to be different identifying Bad Guys.  They wore black hats or spoke German, flew kamikaze missions, were not on the side of John Wayne or Gary Cooper or cackled soundlessly after tying delicate young maidens to the railroad tracks.  Billy Turner was a bad guy.  He was big and blubbery and wanted to punch me and knock me down every day after junior high for no apparent reason other than his Bad Guy-ness.  Perhaps, if you take the time to research their histories, (the non-fiction ones anyway), you may find some pertinent psychology that nudged the behavior of these baddies toward the Dark Side, but the contributing nature or nurture, as therapeutically relevant to causality as it may be, has to be moot in the worst case scenarios…right?  We don’t go, “Oh, poor Hitler.  Some Jewish art dealer made fun of his paintings.  Maybe he overreacted.”  No…we don’t!  So, when it becomes apparent that by the standards of basic human decency, culled from either lay or parochial tenets of civility, even without any of the aforementioned tells, the American government, the same American government that rode to the rescue of the oppressed and threatened and needy and opened its borders and its arms and hearts to the most compromised, the American government that was designed to be the best of the Good Guys, loses its moral underpinnings to become a bullying, belligerent, existentially dangerous Bad Guy, we need to end this run-on sentence with a loud, democratic, “Oh, no you don’t!”  Trump, Pence, Pompeo, McConnell, Graham, McCarthy, Nunes, Miller, (Stephen, that is), and their lawless gang of Republican thugs are Bad, Bad Guys who must be stopped before the current march toward becoming the American Axis of Evil becomes irreversible.