It wasn’t that long ago that riots in Teheran, wild fires in Australia, a federal court decision on a filing by children concerned for their future, that climate change is merely a political matter, the homeless population of LA exceeds that of the median American city, antibiotic research and manufacturing is abandoned due to a low-profit forecast, truth, facts and other real important shit are determined by a show of woefully misinformed hands, as a sideshow impeachment of the President of the United States plays on in the background, would all be etched into some histrionic calendar for a 100-year recall such as yesterday’s centennial of the Volstead Act…BUT NO…in the twittering, thumb-communicating, dystopian 2020’s, we simply call that Sunday.

We are over-saturated with a bazillion new NetFlix releases, 126 choices of next-day-delivery sink stoppers from Amazon, gluten-free bagels and vegan burgers and 18 different ways to determine the percentage of Cherokee in our DNA.  We have been so conditioned to arbitrary, ad campaign-induced decision making in the cars, cereal, clothing, cigarettes, cosmetics, toothpaste and politicians we choose that we have, in large part, lost the ability or, more likely, the desire for analytical thought.  Thus, the Yugo, Count Chocula, Spanx, Virginia Slims, Botox, Ipana and, how-on-Earth-is-this-in-any-way-possible?, Donald Trump.  However, too much information and the confusion that that rains down on us is no excuse for ceding our responsibility as the temporary guardian species of our little sliver of the quantum landscape.  We need to fight the fight for our children’s future every day.  No Sundays off.