I Object…

…to the shameless disregard of the values, civic responsibilities, oaths of office, Constitutional mandates, expectations of common decency and any hope for the future of our democracy by the corrupt, Marvel-villained, (I had first used Dick Tracy-villained, but convinced myself that the frame-of-reference was probably wasted), criminal enterprise that has become the Republican party! The mock Senate trial of Donald J. Trump could be future fodder for Lin Manuel Miranda’s late career denouement to his Presidential Trilogy, only if he is able to convince a 2070 audience that the history, to which he so devoutly and hip-hoppedly adheres, actually unfolded in such unbelievable fashion.  The lock-step protectors of one of the most vile public figures…EVER…have squandered their allotted shares of respectability and fairness, compassion and kindness and belie any inkling of public trust.  They are coconspirators in the dismantling of our Republic and the ceding of our democratic ideals to a despotic bullshit artist.  Oh…and Judge Roberts…yeah, you, Mr. Chief Justice of that co-equal branch of government…you are not prohibited from shining a bright, Solomon-esque light on an off-the-rail proceeding.  Say something, you asshole!  I rest my case.

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  1. judy wyle says:

    Thanks for always putting to words that which is unthinkably unbearable.

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