As If…

…we don’t have enough to contend with, we might as well throw in a race riot.

I am not involved in law enforcement except for the obvious, good-citizen observances, nor am I a policy maker except in those instances where my elected representatives push forward legislation I support.  Yet, without those specific credentials, I could have imagined much more effective police procedure, specifically with regard to George Floyd’s death.  Any idiot should have realized that immediately taking the officers involved into custody pending an investigation, was the only fair and logical choice for all parties concerned.  Here are some of my non-professional procedurals that I would make part of all police handbooks:

  • Do not kill, by any means, black or brown suspects detained and handcuffed while lying on the ground 
  • Do not shoot, especially by unloading the entire clip of your firearm, an unthreatening black or brown suspect while running away 
  • Do not kill anyone in an apartment that you busted into by mistake 
  • Do not shoot a black or brown man in his car that you pulled over for a broken taillight because he isn’t delighted by your abusive behavior 
  • Google “Protect” and “Serve”…memorize, (the “Serve” sports and waitering references may be disregarded)

And here are of few policy suggestions that just might put some things right:

  • If a bigoted reality show host/candidate/POTUS shouts, snickers, mimes or tweets race-baiting lies, conspiracy theories, or crowd-enraging rhetoric, he should be charged with a Hate Crime and publicly burned at the stake…too harsh?…OK…charged with inciting a riot and stoned to death by an unruly mob 
  • I know we have this crazy Federal/State Republic thing, but our Constitution, the crinkly document that speaks for the entire nation, says we are all created equal. It’s fundamentally what we are about. I don’t think it means that after the creation part, all bets are off.  If so many “citizens”, (40%…are you kidding me?), cannot get with that program, claiming that their rights to freedom allow them to compromise others’, they’re the ones who need to pack up and get the fuck out!  That goes for racial intolerance as well as not taking responsibility for the health of others during a deadly pandemic. 
  • 28th Amendment – Be kind