The IOC, (not to be confused with AOC, the young, energetic member of the House of Representatives who has established herself as an uncompromising advocate for the most marginalized), is a “not-for-profit” organization established in 1894.  Perhaps at its outset, by reestablishing the fabled competitions of ancient Greece on a global scale, its lofty mission of promoting world peace through sport, was the prime directive.  However, as its imprint grew and the four-year cycle of summer and then winter games commanded gigantic fees from eager host cities and millions upon millions in advertising, endorsements and sponsor revenue, the athletes, most assuredly their physical and mental health, have taken a way back seat to the profiteering of the behemoth corporation of the IOC.  From the beginning, there’s been cheating and doping and totalitarian state pressures that have constantly tainted the glibly touted assertion of camaraderie, good sportsmanship and fair play and the judgements and punishments, (or lack thereof), handed down by the governing body have been random, at best, and hardly ever sincere or even-handed.  The politicization of the games is legendary and shamelessly uses the athletes in ways that have nothing to do with running, jumping, swimming, skiing or waving a streamer overhead while prancing around a gym floor.  Decisions are made by the international controller of the brand and its nearly 200 nationally sanctioned subsidiaries that always prioritize the bottom line and often, way, way too often, minimalize the impact those decisions have on the participants’ years of training, commitment and sacrifice.  Now, in the midst of an on-going global pandemic, reeling from the losses of a cancelled 2020 event in Tokyo, the IOC is forcing those games to take place with no possible way to screen or protect the teams, trainers, judges, chaperones, volunteers, spectators or the general population of Tokyo.  Fuck you, IOC!