Is there anybody out there?  Obviously, nobody’s paying attention to me.  The IOC has forced the start of a COVID-infested Tokyo games despite my pleas to the contrary.  The Democratic majorities in the House and Senate are being dicked around by lunatics in the can’t-possibly-give-a-shit minority.  An in-depth investigation into the root cause of the January 6th insurrection has been turned into a freak show by the aforementioned c-p-g-a-s.  Wildly supported legislation to secure voting rights, fund infrastructure, look racism squarely in its ugly face, fix our broken immigration policy and raise the debt ceiling are languishing in obstructive limbo.  Crazy, FALSE torrents of misinformation about the safety and efficacy of the COVID vaccine are flooding social media and right-leaning talk radio and make-believe, (FOX), TV news.  Unvaccinated states are surging in new cases, hospitalizations and deaths.  Democrats, the last hope for our democracy, are bringing low-on-ink pens to a gun fight.  That will not get it done.