Frivolous Behavior

Humans waste a lot of time.  Most species don’t participate in much, if any, frivolous behavior, but humans, and usually the most comfortable and well-healed among us, are diddlers and triflers and time wasters.  And then…there are politicians.  I hate to generalize, (no I don’t), but the inefficiency and calculated insanity of the political process is contrary to its most basic mandate of advocating for the public welfare.  In rare instances, do people with a purity of purpose find purchase within the complexity of identifying an office, registering, campaigning and enduring the electoral process and, if elected against very, very long odds, emerge idealistically unsullied.  Oh…and then, the arcane Robert’s Rules of Order and other cockamamie, good-ol’-boy, secret handshake balderdash pile on to ensure that anyone with an audible voice of reason is kept in his or her proper parliamentary place.  I have little faith that any of it will get better.  Even the existential threat to the foundation of our democracy has failed to ignite a hair-on-fire response of any significance.  You’d think, or expect, or minimally hope that those elected to watch our land-of-the-free-and-home-of-the-brave backs would rise to the occasion and flex some political might…or, at the very least, draft a clever blog post…unless, alas, that too is frivolous behavior.