I am totally at sea.  I have diligently sought the most fact-based information available in the ever so murky cesspool of what passes as journalism these days, understanding, of course, that I have to use the filter of 75 years of my own carefully honed common sense.  I never rely on polling to make decisions, but I believe that when the lion’s share of professional pollsters claim that most of us believe in the catastrophic potential of climate change, in a woman’s right to decide issues of her own body and health, in the right of all citizens to vote and in the basic principles of freedom and equality then, in a democracy, that majority should rue the day.  How then are the batshitiest of crazy people changing all the rules and getting away with it?  Well, for one, the despots-in-waiting that are pulling the strings of “those” people have decided that Democracy is not working for them and neither are truthfulness, honesty, fair play or anything that might resemble established, socially responsible behavior.  They have gamed the system, in plain sight, and are tearing the whole house down, piece by xenophobic piece.  What Texas is doing is not the will of the people.  It is merely the will of a highly motivated and determined minority…and…if we don’t become fully committed to standing up to the most awful among us, Florida and Arizona and South Dakota and Mississippi and Alabama and South Carolina will start ramming cockamamie draconian laws through their legislatures and if the American Dream is to survive, it will be by some version of a bloody civil war.   The lunatics are organized, armed and uninterested in truth, law or simple human decency.  Trying to face them down by following the rules of order or using logic for persuasion is a fool’s errand.  We are the many.  No more Mr. Nice Guy!