1. the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.

This has always been a big deal.  Outliers who have tried to undermine and overthrow governments have been dealt with in the most capitally-punishable manner, disemboweled, beheaded, burned-at-the-stake, shackled in dungeons and exiled to hell-hole prisons.  The overt betrayal, whether righteous, in the case of standing up to brutish authority, or a gone-too-far manifestation of unreasonable grievance, is never tolerated.  Well, welcome to Trump-era America where all the rules have changed.  The shit bag followers, (no, I will not cut them any slack), of the most traitorous citizen in our history do not give a fuck about the laws of this or any other land.  The hissy fits that they feel are their right to throw, storming the Capital, repealing Constitutional rights, disregarding free and fair elections, violently threatening school boards trying to protect their children, and refusing to participate in life-saving science that can stop the killing of one out of every 500 of us, are chargeable, not protected.  The mass insurrection of this treasonous cult has seeped into the bloodstream of the GOP, a once viable political alternative, but now, they are enablers at best and, astonishingly, unapologetic, fomenting participants in the most egregious, mutinous uprising since the Civil War.  We don’t need to chat with them or try to make them understand.  We need to put them the fuck down before it’s too late and we’re all marched off to gulags.