I really, really want to know.  Since the start of Trump’s descendance, (that would be an escalator reference for anyone playing the home game), I have been asking this question, to anyone who supported/supports him, “Why him?”  I used to get, “Well, he’s better than that bitch Hillary.”  Then it was, “I support his policies.”, even though none of the respondents to my unofficial survey has ever been able to name one.  The fact that he is diametrically opposed to the principles that swaths of voters claim to hold dear, seems to have no moral sway.  The lock step evangelistic support of a godless lying, cheating, treasonous, womanizing materialist has, by some flimflam, been endowed after his very vocal, single-issue, anti-abortion stand, without consideration of the likely insemination, (I have no corroborating evidence other than the reliable deductive reasoning of my very big brain), of his bareback, (thanks for that horrific image, Stormy), serial dalliances.  Is it really just bigotry, plain and simple?  Why?  Why working people?  He hates them!  Why police?  He has no respect for law or order.  Why anyone of color?  They’re not real Americans and they only want to rape your sister.  Why anyone at all for that matter?  He has shown that he will throw anybody under the bus to save himself.  He continues to fuck with the whole world and I simply don’t know why.  Anybody?  Anybody?  Bueller?

PS:  Even Cyber Ninja guy says you lost Arizona, you fucking loser!