Reasonable Doubt

Etched deeply into our judicial system, is the clear mandate that the baseline for those accused to be deemed guilty is the caveat, “beyond a reasonable doubt”.  The fact that an accusee is a master of the unreasonable with an uncanny power to Pied Piper millions into unreasonable behavior does not blur the prime directive.  So, reasonable men and women, etc., must insist the immediate arrest and prosecution of Donald J. Trump for his multiple crimes, many played out in plain sight, before the rules are changed to allow such behavior.  Worries of a political backlash for prosecuting a former President are baseless.  Although in this case it absolutely is, this would not be merely a punitive indictment of the leader of a political party, but of a dangerous, remorseless criminal whose list of transgressions are cherried on top by shamelessly attempting to destroy American democracy.  Any reasonable jurist would insist he be locked away forever.