The thing about the theory, (I mean, really, do we still have to pretend it’s a theory since we have that empirical DNA comparison analysis and all?), is, that it is contradictory to religious poppycock, and that multiverse of magical thinking has been so mindlessly ingrained in most humans, we never allowed Nature the opportunity to mold us into our best selves.  Turns out, our big brain is not very concerned with reality, logic or compassion.  Mostly, it seeks pleasure and can be swayed, cajoled and convinced of almost anything by the simple dangling of a tasty carrot.  The result has been thousands of years of abusing and killing one another in the name of peace, love and divine direction which then morphed into the more parochial version of pledging one’s devotion to dictators and other assorted rapscallions with complicated charisma and bad intentions.  Sadly, there appears to be no viable course correction.  The millions of acts of random, daily kindness that would imply a case for hopefulness, are merely a ripple on the sea of daily atrocities remorselessly heaped upon humanity.  Yet, day by day, step after cautionary step, for those not willing or even in possession of an extra towel to throw in, grasping at the shortest of straws in pursuit of some measure of ease, seems drone-like without the rabid compassion and full-throttle commitment of those determined to tear it all down.  Have we got one last outraged evolutionary push left?