Why do all the horrible actors, the despicable Trumps and their buffoonish, (Rudy, Steve, Roger, Sidney…), inner circle, the batshit crazy members, (Mitch, Jim, Marco, Ted, Lindsey, Kevin, Marjorie, Lauren…), of Congress, the pillow guy, the Overstock guy, Home Depot and AT&T, take every opportunity to make a stand for the least humane, most divisive, overtly mean-spirited public position?  I can understand the Murdock’s financial decision to make FOX News the defender of evil, but politicians…retailers?  Are they really counting on the country going full bore fascist?  Do any of them think there’s a cool, cozy spot for them after the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers go all out wilder?  Does Joe Manchin really think that his grasp on the genitals of responsible governance makes him important?  There is simply no apparent end game for any of these morons and if/when the rabid dogs finally catch the car, the chaos will be epic.