There will be a midterm election on November 8, 2022, about 52 days from now.  The United States of America, of course, is kind of country-like, in that we have certain Constitutional declarations that apply, (on parchment, anyway), to us all, yet, we are a Republic of semi-sovereign states that are assured wide latitude in determining how each may float its own boat…voting being one of those boats.  Throughout our history, the who, how, when and where of the voting process, the bandied-about-most-sacred-gift-of-democracy, has been a shit show of diarrhetic proportions.  Today, it’s as bowel-irritating as ever.  States have dug in as politically RED (22), BLUE (19) or PURPLE (9) and the cultish drift of the MAGA Republicans has successfully rallied its minority to scary proportions in every state.  In the RED, legislatures are dismantling freedom, promoting bigotry and eschewing democracy itself in the name of some tainted Kool-Aid driven, fascist power play.  In the BLUE, MAGA candidates have been primaried into position, some with the help of the DNC, thinking them too looney to ever win.  On November 8th, many of these Anti-American contenders may be elected to positions that will attempt to irreparably tear holes in the fragile fabric of fairness and decency which we have fought to be worthy of wearing since our inception.  We voters, we MAJORITY of voters, cannot let this horrible wave of grifters and charlatans and their googly-eyed hateful minions have their dystopian way with our country.  GET OUT THE VOTE!