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An important topic or problem for debate or discussion.  “the issue of global warming”

It’s a complicated word, not any less so when its plural refers to stacks of insanely collected, but barely read magazines. When itemized by pollsters, indicating the most pressing concerns of likely voters, well, piles of Playboys or National Geographics don’t seem so nutty.

The midterm election is in 16 days.  Early voting has already begun in many states and with at least 50 sets of rules for tabulating and reporting, the results of key races may not be known for several days post Nov. 8.  The issues, however, have never seemed more dire, and yet, the central foundation of democracy, the electoral will of the people, being at stake, is NOT, unfathomably, at the top of any list.  Certainly, the never-ending spate of bullshit from candidates and pundits and real and fake media can be confusing, but that choice, democracy v. autocracy, NO…that’s as clear as a glass of Zero Water® and must be number 1.  NOTHING else matters without it.

That’s the “duh” part.

The rest, in a world that hasn’t gone totally insane, should be almost as clear.  Let’s take a look at the list of today’s priorities in the polling order of most compelling, shall we?

The Economy (Inflation/jobs) – Voting for the other guys because higher prices must be the fault of the incumbent administration, is pea-brained logic based on absolutely nothing.  Only Democrats give a shit about doing anything to promote financial equity and eliminating poverty.  Only Democrats have balanced budgets and increased prosperity for working people.  Republicans have no plan that won’t ultimately make lives more miserable.

Guns (Crime/Violence) – Crime is scary and out of control.  Just possibly because of the hopelessness of an ubalanced economy but surely exacerbated by a continued and growing disenfranchisement of people of color.  Oh, and nobody’s hunting anything other than Vice Presidents, Democratic Congressmen, and school children with AK-47s…enough already!  Republicans are NOT better at addressing crime, (maybe because they’re too busy perpetrating it), they’re just really, really good at locking up minorities…guilty of anything or not.

Abortion Rights – Roe was good.  Reneging on the established precedent of allowing women and the medical and mental health professionals of their choice to decide on crucial, personal decisions is both cruel and unjust and overwhelmingly not the will of the people.  Be like Kansas!

Immigration – Spoiler alert…we’re all immigrants, except for those beautiful indigenous people whose land we stole.  The exceptional progress of the American experiment, as flawed as it has been, could only have occurred in this melting pot laboratory of creative thought and imagination from all parts of the globe.  The Republicans want to remake us into a white, Christian, gun-toting, (see above), ethnically less diverse and far more stupid fascist state.  NO…NO…NO!

Climate Change – Even fucked up Florida has to get it now…right?

LGBTQ Rights – Save Lindsey Graham from his sadly closeted self and let everyone else be who they are and love whomever they choose.

Trump –  He’s a loser.  He’s always been a loser.  Anyone who says he isn’t, is a stupid, fucking loser.  The crazy MAGA/Q-ANON malarky has sent this country into a nose dive that just may have too much momentum to recover from.  Ain’t you had enough?