Oh, Crap!

If you were paying attention last week, you’ll remember I said, “temporary”.  I guess there’s no lower limit for what can be categorized as that.  Can’t we catch a break?

The lunatics will soon be the majority in the House.  With Kevin McCarthy as their probable Speaker and the likes of MTG, (never to be confused with MTM), Jim Jordan and Elise Stefanik in charge of key committees, the next two years will be a shit show to rival the this-can’t-possibly-get-any-worse shit shows of the past six or seven years.  Actually, if you dip your toe into the origin of modern “Fuck You” divisive politics, the 2010 begatting of the Tea Part, that begat the Freedom Caucus, that begat CPAC, that begat Trump, that begat Q-Anon…hi ho, hi ho, hi ho…the governance of our country has been spiraling down a black hole of callous, incompetence with one side, in particular, racing to the despicable bottom of unhinged behavior.  And now, their glorious, (thanks for the buzz word KJ-un), though sullied, leader has announced his intention to Keep America Crazy Again, KACA, insuring that all of the criminal investigations into his blatantly lawless booty dance will be amplified by KACAs as political whining.  Well, abso-fucking-lutely!  They are political.  Treason, insurrection, consorting with the enemy, Rosenberging thousands of classified documents…you bet your Russian-moling ass they’re political.  218 oath-breaking members of the House will be spending the next two years professing his innocence while tripping over one another to get to the podium to shout about the lawlessness of the January 6th Committee and Hunter Biden’s laptop.  And, all of you, (well, probably not any of you), who voted for a Republican to represent you, lots of luck with that inflation and crime and health care and Social Security and anything else that might give your life a little ease.

Wakanda Forever!