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LOCK him UP!!!

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Next to religion, (the tactics of which it very closely resembles), it’s the world’s biggest scam and, like many things where exorbitant profits can be gleaned, Americans have honed its abuses to an algorithmic science.  Like preachers, insurance salesmen are masters at convincing people that they have something that you…

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Not the kind most people think of like when expectantly awaiting delivery of a pizza or a shit ton of thankfully returnable, impulsively purchased Amazon crap.  Rather, …the arrangement or disposition of people or things in relation to each other according to a particular sequence, pattern, or method kind. I…

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The Romans had laws in 450 BC.  Hammurabi wrote an entire Babylonian law book around 1790 BC.  Certainly, there were biblical commandments that would predate these if bibles appeared anywhere before 300 CE. It seems that societal beings realized that there was a pressing need for formal ground rules…murder, assault…

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Why do all the horrible actors, the despicable Trumps and their buffoonish, (Rudy, Steve, Roger, Sidney…), inner circle, the batshit crazy members, (Mitch, Jim, Marco, Ted, Lindsey, Kevin, Marjorie, Lauren…), of Congress, the pillow guy, the Overstock guy, Home Depot and AT&T, take every opportunity to make a stand for…

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The thing about the theory, (I mean, really, do we still have to pretend it’s a theory since we have that empirical DNA comparison analysis and all?), is, that it is contradictory to religious poppycock, and that multiverse of magical thinking has been so mindlessly ingrained in most humans, we…

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I got the COVID.  I was absolutely sure I couldn’t…then, I did.  It sucked.  There was a really, really bad part in the middle of the close to two-week arc, but mostly, it was an annoying inconvenience and a stark reminder of how different and fragile social interaction has become. …

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Reasonable Doubt

Etched deeply into our judicial system, is the clear mandate that the baseline for those accused to be deemed guilty is the caveat, “beyond a reasonable doubt”.  The fact that an accusee is a master of the unreasonable with an uncanny power to Pied Piper millions into unreasonable behavior does…

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Although the warmongering response to what may be the first political use of the term, Domino Effect, was a knee-jerk reaction by unimaginative schoolyard bullies, the real concern, that some dastardly player was/is plotting the systematic toppling of democracy, was/is not some paranoid nightmare.  However, the tiles that are already,…

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Did you see it?  Were you glued to the screen?  Did any of the truthiness move anyone’s needle in any measurable way?  I think the making-an-irrefutable-case train has sailed.  I’m no conspiracy theorist but, can anyone with a functioning mechanism for reason doubt that Donald Trump is a decades-in-the-making Russian…

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