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If the Shoe Fits…Throw it

First off, kudos to W., who must be truly alcohol-free.  The unedited footage of the shoe-throwing news conference, (no one will ever remember any topic other than that), showed remarkable, extreme sobriety in reflex, even though the goofy grin implied some semblance of misunderestimating the situation.  In my pursuit of…

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Meta 4

Meta, the pesky Greek catch-all prefix which has so confusingly implanted itself into contemporary-speak and texting, defined as“after”, or “beyond”, or “adjacent”, often connoting additional, though unrelated, information…enough already!  How about if flowery language and the overused metaphor get restricted to fiction or commentary, (aka criticism), and are tagged verboten in normal conversation or communicative journalism?  The…

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Living the American…Daydream

A constant stream of news flashes on TV and the internet, (at least those that don’t concern OJ or any bailout related topics), report disheartening tallies of the numbers of layoffs by companies from AT&T to Walmart and the total collapse of countless others.  Apparently recession means that people suddenly…

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