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So, that happened.  There were some moments, but to me they mostly looked uncomfortable or desperate or unhinged to varying degrees.  Since Kennedy/Nixon, when TV became the “trump” card for winning elections, googly eyes and flop sweat and dry mouth and mumbling and a perceived lack of confidence and presidentialness…

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Simply Wrong

I try to convince myself that I’m accepting, while simultaneously harboring a wide spectrum from mild annoyance to boisterous disdain for other people’s opinions and beliefs, their political choices, religious followings, driving habits, manners and morality.  It’s a struggle.  There is certainly an unending, constantly-replenishing list of debatable topics to…

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3rd Sunday in June


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It’s supposed to be everyone’s favorite time of year; a time of renewal and promise; the return of the birds and the blossoms to temperate climes, when one can finally shrug off the last of winter’s chill.  So, where the fuck is it?  Up here in the Northeast we’ve been…

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First, it’s important that you articulate the title as intended, so you catch my drift.  If you start fully erect, and virtually crumple like a deflating balloon, exhaling 100% of the air in your lungs as you form the sounds inside a guttural whoosh until you are left teetering like…

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