For more than 15 years of Sundays, I have begun each 7-day lead up to my collection of opinions leaning as far toward the half-fullness of my nature as possible.  I have been mostly unsuccessful. So, with apologies to my rosiest of friends and family, I’m not even going to try anymore.  There is no upside to the utter chaos we humans have chosen to be our existence.  Everything at the top rung of what we hold dear, religion, ethnicity, country, gender, wealth, foments incontrovertible mistrust and hatred that has, argument by argument, abuse by abuse and war by war contributed to the hopeless state wherein we find ourselves.  There are no white knights or an expectation of late-arriving cavalry coming to our rescue and the once reliable adult country on the planet…US…has bcome a clown show of unconscionable moronic Nero-fiddlers.