This is NOT the 54th addition of my year-end poem.  Per usual, I spent the year collecting items of news and a too long list of many who died during the last twelve months and began my post-Thanksgiving rhymathon.  I got this far:

I apologize in advance

For the lack of New Year’s cheer

There simply isn’t much cheeriness to report

About a mostly fucked last year

Nature took it’s toll

Earthquakes, floods and famine

Of biblical proportion

And yes, I did examine

The graphs and charts and video

We’re mucking up our planet

Pouring fuel on the flame of who-gives-a-crap

And taking every opportunity to fan it

There’s plenty of war to go around

The middle east is about to blow

And lots of morons are taking sides

About shit they just don’t know

Students seem to be the worst

Then, celebrities taking stands

Amid worthless politicians

Making uneducatedly stupid demands

There are simply no solutions

To hatred practiced for thousands of years

On the torturous, steady march we’ve chosen

Along an endless trail of tears

Antisemitic, Islamophobic

Racism on the rise

One tribe in search of another

To belittle and despise

You know, like that asshole, Henry Ford

Who hated Jews, but sold them cars

And was Hitler’s inspiration

To inflict the permanent scars

Of six million deadly cuts

On the souls of all mankind

One might think the pendulum swing would have made us

More peaceful and more kind

But, alas

World governance has skewed despotic

Fascists swarming, thick as flies

And that’s never gone well historically

So, it should come as no surprise

That poverty and homelessness

Starvation and disease

Are more rampant in a world that could end all that


Solutions wouldn’t please

The Putins or the Orbans

The Mileis or the Trumps

Who are openly and notoriously

Treating everyone else as chumps

They want to end democracy

So, life’s about to really, really suck

Because there’s just one voting day left

Before we’re totally out of luck


If you don’t believe America can fall

Ask a Roman or a Greek

Because 248 years is hardly much longer

Than most people’s Wordle streak

…and, I thought, who needs to hear crap like that?  I mean, I really do wish you all peace, health and happiness for the coming year and if I were ever lucky enough to stumble upon one of those genii wish lamps, I promise you that the careful, years-long consideration I’ve given to my three choices would make everything better.  Besides, it just recently came to my attention that some of my closest friends have never made it through thirty-plus pages of occasionally clever couplets.  So, no more epic rhyming…or reading…just a simple ditty.

If you wouldn’t mind


Be kind!



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