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It’s simply glorious in NYC today.  It’s almost too beautiful to be pissed off about anything.  But, for most of us, the pain, confusion and uncertainty brought on by whatever they’re calling ‘IT’ today, (something ending in “ession”, for sure), is ever-present and filled with signs of more to come. …

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If at First You Don’t Secede

As I was writing out my check last week for the exorbitant amount my accountant assured me I owed the IRS, I was simultaneously monitoring statements by the moronic governor of Texas and other mentally challenged nitwits calling for secession.  PLEASE…just go!  No need for a speech; we don’t need…

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Let the Sunshine In

Usually, I begin these things while working on something completely unrelated, when I become aware of an irritating, metaphorical thorn in the left side of my brain.  I profess both ownership and originality of my thought processes, but freely admit that the glut of outside influence could make me susceptible…

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