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As this hits the Inter-Web, there will be 199 hours until the polls open on the East Coast.  With any luck, approximately 12 hours later, one of the worst chapters in US history will come to an end.  (I apologize, in advance, for all future rants on the next worst…

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Apples and Orange Guy

I get the celebrity thing.  I’ve been surrounded by them for most of my life and I’ll freely admit the occasional wallow in the privilege that is afforded even those in the presence, (that would have been my designated position), of famous people.  It’s a ridiculous notion, of course, to…

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…1,000 Words

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D’vash 2.29.1920 – 10.11.2016 She was barely sixty inches tall But her nature was a force To be reckoned with by friend and foe alike And by all who loved her, of course We called her Baube, Mom, Auntie Dorothy D’vash to my dear Dad And though I miss her…

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Honestly, I’m practically speechless. Pussy…okay to grab it or not?  Talk amongst yourselves!

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Admittedly, I am an information junky.  I read way too much, check and cross-check information, listen, evaluate and listen some more.  For me, even with the laundry list of negatives for Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton, the alternative of Donald J. Trump is so abhorrent to me, I have, without reservation,…

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