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When all is said and done, (I just realized what a stupid phrase that is…since it’s always followed by something, nullifying its basic premise that all has been said or that anything is ever done), in democracies, like ours, it’s about choice.  In its purest form, we choose by majority…

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I’m not sure if there’s any credence given to the supposition that a disagreeable late-night snack can contribute to a troubling dream sequence.  In general, I’m neither a regular nor reliable dream-rememberer, nor am I prone to bouts of indigestion, (reverie-inducing or otherwise).  But…I awoke this morning, with the vivid…

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C’mon, Trumpettes! Now?

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I’ll Say It

Not that I haven’t said it in many ways before… Even if you get your data from the Classic Comic, (do they still have those?), version of World History, you don’t have to delve very deep or even pay too close attention to understand how fear and divisiveness have been…

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