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Spin Cycle

As horrible as most news reporting has become, (CNN is like a never-ending SNL skit), the non-stop barrage of on-the-scene disaster reporting from every angle, including relentless interviews with victims, relatives of victims, acquaintances of neighbors of relatives of victims, and smart-phone-wielding “eye witness” reporters, is secondarily challenged by the…

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Scandals and government have been inseparable since…well, since the very first scandal disgraced somebody in the very first government.  They’ve involved abuse of power by means of manipulative clandestine chicanery or blatant, planned or passionate violence.  Lying, cheating, misrepresentation and my personal favorites involving comments made on forgotten open microphones,…

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“Walk A Mile”

Walk a Mile.Voc.MP3 Alex Hale “Walk A Mile” Written by Alex Hale, Joel Moss and Steve Deutsch Produced by Joel Moss, Steve Deutsch & Charlie Eble for Managra Music Arranged by Steve Deutsch – featured guitars by Ira Ingber ©2013 Managra Music, BMI Photo: Terri-Lynn Pellegri

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Thinly disguised as giving a shit about the events surrounding the tragic attack on the US diplomatic mission in Benghazi, the irrepressible Congressional Republicans began their blatant anti-Hillary campaign this week.  I’m not sure if they will be able to keep up the pressure for the three years until the…

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Not Tao or Dao, the indefinable philosophical state of harmonic spiritual balance, but DOW the equally indefinable Jones average that is daily fretted or rejoiced over, bandied about in casual conversation like the weather, analyzed and reanalyzed and then blamed or credited with the good or bad of…well, just about…

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