It’s horrible, heart-breaking, horrendous, hateful and any other cleansing-breath ‘h’ word you might add to the list.  For those of us not currently in that harm’s way, imagining the terror of what is unfolding in Israel and the Palestinian territories couldn’t possibly approach its reality.  Surely, the malicious brutality being relentlessly replayed by the pill-peddling American media and can’t-look-away uncensored streamers makes anyone with a shred of humanity recoil and react.  Sadly, as heinous as this current episode may be, it’s just the latest in the daily pile-on of atrocities added to the shit heap of human brutality perpetrated around the globe in the name of god.  Which god?  All of them!  Every made up, bullshit, mine is bigger and mightier than yours, take it on faith, kill the infidels and cover up the women, chosen, sanctified, stairway to heaven religion is wholly and holy responsible for every drop of blood spilled in the never-ending war being waged for his glory.

There are 7.9 billion people on Earth.  6 billion claim some religious belief, (2.4B Christians, 1.9B Islamists, 1.2B Hindus and .5B Buddhists).  They hate one another…maybe not so much the Buddhists…and within each of those pools of ecclesiastical swimmers are factions that violently disagree amongst themselves with the principles of devout adherence.  Since they are all devoid of science and rely solely on magical thinking, logic and reason are attacked as blasphemy.  This is the WHY.  Is there a solution?  Holy fuck…NO!