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Why the Right…are Not

Anybody ever have a medical insurance issue, (I’m intuiting a unanimous show of hands)?  Let me first explain that all of those problems, from the disallowed coverage of the one drug you needed or the denial of your life-saving liver transplant based on…well, nothing really other than your insurer’s arbitrary…

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“I Wrote This Song For You”

Wrote This Song.FINAL VOC MIXA_05 Alex Hale “I Wrote This Song for You” Written by Alex Hale, Joel Moss and Steve Deutsch Produced by Joel Moss, Steve Deutsch & Charlie Eble for Managra Music Arranged by Steve Deutsch ©2013 Managra Music, BMI

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Serving No One

I expect absolutely nothing from Congress, so why would I even care or comment on the Republican’s latest blustering bullshit display of governance?…because if I simply try to ignore it, my head might explode. On Friday, facing an eminent financial government shutdown, (aren’t these weekly occurrences now?), frankly, due to…

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Middle School Diplomacy

When I was in middle school, (we still called it Jr. High back then), there was this guy, Tommy Thorpe, (if you’re out there, Tommy, and you can read and for whatever reason, you’re reading this…Fuck You!), who liked to kick my ass every day after class.  I would meet…

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Yea or Nay

This may be a bit premature and lacking some important, critical information.  After all, the President is going to make some kind of speech on Tuesday and, one could only hope, he will clearly point out why we should or shouldn’t take action against Syria, including an explanation as to…

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Casualties of War

Collateral damage, friendly fire, civilian casualties; despots, maniacs, crusaders, jihadists; I see dead people. Humans war.  They have always warred; for territory and property; for ideology; out of cruelty and bigotry and madness; for freedom, liberty and justice; on the offense and in defense; and people die by the thousands,…

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