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Reasonable Doubt

Etched deeply into our judicial system, is the clear mandate that the baseline for those accused to be deemed guilty is the caveat, “beyond a reasonable doubt”.  The fact that an accusee is a master of the unreasonable with an uncanny power to Pied Piper millions into unreasonable behavior does…

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Although the warmongering response to what may be the first political use of the term, Domino Effect, was a knee-jerk reaction by unimaginative schoolyard bullies, the real concern, that some dastardly player was/is plotting the systematic toppling of democracy, was/is not some paranoid nightmare.  However, the tiles that are already,…

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Did you see it?  Were you glued to the screen?  Did any of the truthiness move anyone’s needle in any measurable way?  I think the making-an-irrefutable-case train has sailed.  I’m no conspiracy theorist but, can anyone with a functioning mechanism for reason doubt that Donald Trump is a decades-in-the-making Russian…

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As an experiment, since I have no allusions that anyone’s really listening anyway, I hiked into the forest on my own and shouted this week’s blog.  It sounded like this: —-

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