Something Constructive

I admit, that in large part, I write these weekly rants as an emotional release valve.  I am convinced that the roiling build-up of angry emotions, held in mannered captivity for too long, can result in a Looney Toon-esque explosive cranial event.  So, I let loose, (often shouting the words aloud as I type), with little expectation of profound interaction from my growing, schizophrenic following of equal parts choir and those who wish me a messy, animated demise.  Of late, the toga-draped latter half, (I imagine my critics as a bloodthirsty, thumbs-up-thumbs-down gladiatorial cheering section), after unleashing their vitriol and once their pulsating neck veins have receded from the systolic stroke range, have indicated, (albeit in a “I know you are, but what am I?” inflection), that my name-calling and Trump-specific and Republican-general bashing is not very constructive.  Agreed.

This is where I was going to make a list of several helpful suggestions.  You know, things that could be beneficial, apolitical and uncontroversial.  Projects that would provide us all with a desperately needed sense of accomplishment, while promoting collaboration and cooperation.

But then…while the world was preoccupied, watching in jaw-dropping wonderment as the former top cop called the President of the United States of America a LIAR, (in clear pants-on-fire terminology), both houses of the Republican Congress dug deep into their most dastardly bags of tricks to dismantle Dodd-Frank and to set in motion the defunding of the ACA, giving Wall St. freer rein to unromantically fuck, (thanks for that, KG), the lower 99 and making anything resembling a national commitment to health care virtually disappear.  So, my intended journey, plotted as I began writing this late Wednesday evening, was scuttled, as the wind was taken out of my optimistic sails by the subsequent stark, blatant reminder of just how morally corrupt our governmental, (I never noticed the ‘mental’ so much before), majority has become.  I’m back to worrying that we are freefalling toward an irreversible tipping point and that in three and a half weeks, 241 could just possibly be the last candle on our cake.

Oh, and the “thanks for that, KG” is in defense of my NY senator’s impassioned plea to her Congressional colleagues, (and I paraphrase), ‘The only reason for our jobs is to FUCKING help people!’, a message lost in its substantively misreported headline, KIRSTEN GILLIBRAND DROPS THE F BOMB!