Did you see it?  Were you glued to the screen?  Did any of the truthiness move anyone’s needle in any measurable way?  I think the making-an-irrefutable-case train has sailed.  I’m no conspiracy theorist but, can anyone with a functioning mechanism for reason doubt that Donald Trump is a decades-in-the-making Russian operative, nurtured, groomed and manipulated as a buffoonish, TV billionaire pretending to save America from horrible, non-existent threats that fester solely in the bigoted imaginations of the uneducated and unappreciated?  He was rescued from abject failure as a businessman and propped up by his Soviet, (you don’t think it ever stopped being Soviet, do you?), handlers to foment lie upon lie upon bald faced bullshit to incite racist fears, laser focused on bringing down our Democracy.  Robert Mueller knew it, his Republican Congressional acolytes, (including forty-four Senators who had two Impeachments to set things right), knew it, the Koch brothers knew it, Fox News knows and although there are charts and graphs, sworn testimonies, pictures and video and enough smoking guns to easily defend Ukraine, insanity still rues the day.

Everybody should read or listen to The Road Unfreedom by Timothy Snyder.  It’s a scholarly work that leaves no doubt about how we got here and who is responsible.  Oh…and read or listen quickly, because it may already be too late, but November is absolutely the point of no return.

I know…nobody’s going to read a book…the January 6 Committee will put on its show…Tucker Carlson, (the Manchurian broadcaster), will rile up his salivating mob with baseless, fear-mongering rhetoric…people will think that high gas prices are more important than democracy…young people will check out and not vote as if the future wasn’t actually about them…and then…heil Putin!