Not the kind most people think of like when expectantly awaiting delivery of a pizza or a shit ton of thankfully returnable, impulsively purchased Amazon crap.  Rather,

…the arrangement or disposition of people or things in relation to each other according to a particular sequence, pattern, or method


I am not OCD, (at least, not manically so), but I can imagine the overwhelming, syndrome-enhanced anxiety brought about by the loud, chaotic mess of the gene pool we have dug for ourselves to swim in.  From the blitzkrieg of sirens, buzzing transformers, jackhammers, leaf-blowers, road-ragers, and glass-packed mufflers, to the gunshots, missile strikes and cries of agony brought on by urban and state-sponsored warring, we have nearly abandoned all hope of an orderly, peaceful society.  I wonder if teachers, mocked for making “neatness” a percentage of our grades, are now appalled by or gloating over how important that lesson, had it been learned, could have been.  It’s as if we have all become part of the nightmare scenario wherein the rules and regulations of just about everything are akin to an indecipherable, Chinese translation of a one-sheet for the some-assembly-required items mentioned above.

Oh…and not for nuthin’…fuck Mitch McConnell and Pat Toomey!