Bi-partisan voting in the Senate?  Codifying same sex and bi-racial marriage?  Somebody, pinch me!  Full disclosure…44 senators did not agree and, in the tradition of seasonal list making, I would normally call out their names, but I have chosen not humanize their lack of humanity in such fashion.  We can only hope that the frenzy brought about by a soon-to-be Republican House majority, will provide additional, sane legislation before the likes of MTG become the loudest voices in that chamber.  This will be a wild and whacky couple of years, (which just might feature Herschel Walker as an elected US Senator…please, please NO, Georgia!), and hopefully the Democrats are already getting their shit together to spend every second of it making sure that any MAGA, MAGAGA, Q-Anon, CPACer, (pretty much, every Republican), elected representative is removed from office.  You know, so we can get back to that democracy thing where “The People” are actually represented.