There are several weeks remaining

As I begin this yearly rhyming task

Covid’s still a thing

I still, occasionally, wear a mask

Chaos is a constant

We could all do so much better

Yes, I’m well aware that my ranting

On my Blog or in a letter

To some editor at The Times

Or to Santa or the Pope

Is me, grasping at elusive straws

For any ray of hope

Like the surprising midterm elections

Where Americans actually voted

Even oft-abstaining youngsters

Stepped up…duly noted

Might this forebode an end to Trump?

May he finally get his due?

Perhaps that venal, fucking asshole

Will be sentenced to a chain gang crew

Do they still have those?

I’m not certain

But if there’s an all-powerful Wizard

Hiding behind the curtain

He should send that heartless, brainless coward

“Off to Leavenworth…time to go!”

Which fittingly, if memory serves

Is in Kansas, don’t you know?

Maybe the Wiz could deal with Putin too

Ted Cruz, Xi and Kim Jung-un

And send every amoral despot

Into exile on the moon

That would be a start

And with the worst guys in detention

Maybe Kum-bah-yah could flourish

Over hatred, dare I mention

How much bad behavior flourishes

In every corner of the Earth

Passed down through generations

Because no one’s hateful at their birth?

Perhaps a daydream, but why not?

It’s what kind-hearted people do

Though it may seem a daunting ask

After looking back at ’22


The News


Elizabeth Holmes was sentenced to 11 years

Theranos was out for blood

Elon Musk makes rockets and electric cars

But otherwise, he’s a tweetering dud

Ahmaud Arbery’s killers got life in prison

With no chance of parole

Sirhan Sirhan will likewise not go free

Newsome kept him in his hole

A Bronx apartment fire killed 17

A Pittsburgh bridge fell down

While Biden pushed his infrastructure bill

On the other side of town

A Belgian teen flew solo ‘round the world

Prince Andrew is a creep

Much of Tonga was totally decimated

By a volcano from the deep

They genetically altered a pig heart

And transplanted it into a man

Both jury and judge rejected Sarah Palin’s libel suit against the NY Times

And she lost the Congressional seat for which she ran

Puerto Rico got $33B in bankruptcy relief

The US debt topped $30T

Your share is $100K

Now, that’s democracy

Sandy Hook families settled with Remington for $73M

And got a $1B judgement against Alex Jones

Biden wants to forgive thousands

Of usurious student loans

A third person was cured of HIV

That’s science at its best

Putin invaded Ukraine

This is not a test

Well, maybe of courage and determination

Ukraine’s been kicking Russian ass

But isn’t it time for James Bond to metaphorically remove

Vladimir’s lead foot from the gas?

The British Museum erased the Sackler name

From every wall and every cranny

Salman Rushdie was stabbed by a lunatic before a lecture about hate

Horrific and uncanny

Lynching is now a federal crime

Why did that take so long?

The accomplice cops who killed George Floyd were found guilty

Of being criminally wrong

Ketanji Brown Jackson became a Supreme Court Justice

We should celebrate

Except the court is controlled by un-Solomonic assholes

So, a happy dance will have to wait

You can be assisted to die in Oregon

No residency requirement needed

Attempting to kidnap and murder the Governor of Michigan

Is OK, the state court conceded

Joseph Kahn was named Executive Director of the NY Times

Emmanuel Macron was reelected President of France

Marie Le Pen and her neo-Nazi friends

Will not be wearing the French President’s pants

Divers located Ernest Shackleton’s ship, The Endurance

Which sank in the Antarctic in 1915

DOJ seized $3.6B in stolen Bitcoin

Whatever that might mean?

The US COVID toll surpassed 1M

Domestic violence is on the rise

And Republicans, (for the most part)

Can’t see what’s right before their eyes

A measly gun safety law got passed

But there are no real teeth in it

Lives continue to be needlessly lost

Minute by minute by minute

Boris Johnson was forced to resign

Liz Truss was a 44-day Prime Minister

Now, Rishi Sunak will give it a go

It’s British, so it all seems sinister

Queen Elizabeth celebrated 70 years on the throne

Then she died…goodbye, Liz

Now Charles will finally get his chance

Because successively, the crown is his

Microsoft bought Activision Blizzard for $70B

Many January 6th perps were sent to jail

Ahmaud Arbery’s killers were convicted of a “Hate Crime”

For actions far beyond the pale

NY’s Lt. Governor resigned in disgrace

John Hinckley is out on the street

Bibi’s back in charge of Israel

What?  It’s gotta be the heat

19 elementary school kids were shot in Uvalde, Texas

While worthless cops stood by

The Webb Telescope is sending back jaw-dropping images

From way, way, way up in the sky

The National Spelling Bee had a twenty-two-word run-off

14-year-old Harini Logan was the winner

 He stroked his chin and spelled “m-o-o-r-h-e-n”

Got his prize and went to dinner

The former dictator’s son, Ferdinand Marcos, Jr.

Is now the Philippine Prez

Sheryl Sandberg has had it with FaceBook, uhhhhh, Meta

At least, that’s what she says

Gustavo Petro was elected the first lefty President of Columbia

Ghislaine Maxwell got 20 years

She’s a disgusting, amoral ‘C’ word

And I won’t be shedding any tears

Juul settled their teen marketing scheme suit

For a $440M fine

Bolsanaro’s out in old Brazil

Lula’s back, (what?), and feeling fine

The founder of Patagonia transferred a billion dollars

To help the global warming fight succeed

147 South Koreans went to a Halloween party

And died in a stampede

NASA crashed a rocket into an asteroid 450 million miles away

Just in case there’s an imminent threat

Hurricane Ian pummeled Cuba and Florida

And everything got wet

Biden pardoned thousands charged with federal marijuana possession

Elon Musk is the new king of all tweets

Xi was reelected President of China…what a surprise

I wonder if he cheats

“No death sentence for the Parkland murderer”

Said the jury after deliberating for a minute

Seems to me the world would be much better

Without that hateful, asshole in it

The Nobel Peace Prize went to Belarus and Ukraine

And yet, there is no peace

It’s 2023 for fuck’s sake

And time for war to cease

A Q-Anon devotee broke into the Pelosi’s house

And took a hammer to Paul P’s head

Karen Bass was elected LA ‘s first female mayor

The other guy was probably better…she got picked instead


Trump is under investigation in Georgia

The Apple and DC

He’s guilty, of course, but now there’s a Special Prosecutor

So, we’ll have to wait and see

He incited an insurrection

He hid top secret documents in his sock drawer

The FBI raided Mar-a-Lago and found them

And many, many more

Naturally, he’s running again

MAGAGA is his new hat

Starting now I will be ignoring him

Because he’s dead to me and that

Should be his end

We should ignore the creep away

It will be like tossing water on the wicked witch

Ding dong, hip hip hooray!


Stewart Rhodes, the Oath Keepers leader

Was convicted of sedition…that’s like treason

Mauna Loa is erupting on the Big Island

It must be volcano season

Capital police were awarded the Congressional Gold Medal

For their bravery on January 6th

The Trump Organization was found guilty on all 14 counts

Of years of tax evasion tricks

25 Q-Anon-influenced German whackos

Were arrested for plotting a coup

Half the world has lost its mind

What are we going to do?

Brittney Griner was released from a Russian prison

They got an arms dealer in return

J. Robert Oppenheimer got his security clearance posthumously restored

Because the HUAC ruling was too stern

Dina Boluarte became Peru’s first female President

After a failed military coup

Claudine Gay was appointed the first black President of Harvard

In 2022


And the Michigan court that wouldn’t convict Whitmer’s kidnappers

Well, a Federal court said, “Wait!”

And Adam Fox got 16 years

In confusing Michigan state

George Santos is a fucking liar

Yet, he won a NY Congressional seat

Ummm, not so fast, George, there will be an investigation

As the DOJ turns up the heat

The January 6th Committee released “The Report”

There were criminal referrals for Trump and friends

752 pages of irrefutable evidence


Let’s see where this story ends




All pre-1923 recordings

Became PD on Jan. 1

If I only knew how to sample shit

I could really have some fun

The Golden Globes went to Succession

And Power of the Dog

I liked them both, but I don’t like prizes

So, that’s barely mentioned in my Blog

Succession also won the Emmy

White Lotus won one too

Kanye loves everybody

Except if they’re a Jew

Oh, and it costs $200 to hear Ye’s new record

I think I’ll take a pass

I’m glad he lost a $1B in endorsements

He can kiss my semitic ass

Neil Young and Joni Mitchell

Removed their songs from Spotify

Because Spotify’s the music devil

I want Spotify to die

New owners demolished Marcel Breuer’s iconic Geller House

I wonder why they bought it

Kevin Spacey was found innocent of diddling Anthony Rapp

He was #MeToo-ed, but somehow fought it

Coda won the Best Picture Oscar

Will Smith crazily slapped Chris Rock

The Fresh Prince is now persona non grata

On every Bel-Air block

And in case you’d like a heads up

Here’s this year’s movie news on

The absolutely best of the batch

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On


Here are the Library of Congress inductees

To the National Registry for ’22:

Harlem Strut, FDR’s Complete Presidential Speeches

Walking the Floor Over You

Ellington at Newport, Jesus Gave Me Water

We Insist! Max Roach’s Freedom Now Suite

Robin Williams on WTF with Marc Maron

Which is cool, yet bittersweet

Nat King Cole’s The Christmas Song

Moon River, Tonight’s the Night

Terry Riley’s In C

Yeah, you got that right

It’s a Small World, Bohemian Rhapsody

Hank Aaron’s 715th Career Home Run

Don’t Stop Believin’

Journey’s biggest number one

Reach Out, I’ll Be There

Bonnie’s Nick of Time

Canciones de Mi Padre

Simply Ronstadtically sublime

Alicia’s Songs in A Minor, Livin’ La Vida Loca

The Low End Theory by A Tribe Called Quest

Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), Buena Vista Social Club

Arguably, among the best

And…WNYC Broadcasts for 9/11


Ariana DeBose was an amazing Tony host

They should have given her a prize

A Strange Loop and The Lehman Trilogy

Were the BEST shows in the voters’ eyes


The R & R Hall of Fame inductees were:

Dolly Parton, Eminem

Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo

You’ve gotta love the both of them

Duran Duran, Eurythmics

Lionel Richie, Carly Simon, Judas Priest

And the amazing Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis

At last, but not the least


I like the Kennedy Center Honors

They choose a yearly five

Of those who particularly stand out

For keeping humanities and arts alive

This year they honored George Clooney

Gladys Knight, Tania León

Amy Grant and U2

Who all stand out on their own


Andy Warhol’s Portrait of Marilyn Monroe auctioned for $195M

Becoming the most expensive work of American art

Bob Iger is Disney’s Chief Operating Mouse…again

A somewhat cartoonish restart

R. Kelly was sentenced to 30 years

For sexual and child abuse

Jay Leno set himself on fire while fixing his car

At least that was his excuse


The National Book Award for fiction went to Tess Gunty

For writing The Rabbit Hutch

The non-fiction nod went to Imani Perry’ South to America: A Journey Below the Mason-Dixon to Understand the Soul of a Nation

Which I liked very much


All the Beauty and the Bloodshed, won Venice’s Golden Lion

Annie Ernaux won the literature Nobel

Harvey Weinstein was convicted of rape…again

He can go to hell




Novak Djokovic wouldn’t get the COVID vaccine

The Australian Open wouldn’t let him play

Antonio Brown quit mid-game and walked off the field

Perhaps, to play another day

Tom Brady retired from football

Then he didn’t, did, didn’t…he did?

But Gisele Bündchen definitely left him

About that, I wouldn’t kid

David Ortiz was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame

Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens were not

Rafa Nadal won the Australian Open

For an old pro, he’s still hot

Other MLB Hall inductees were

Minnie Miñoso, Tony Oliva, Jim Kaat

Buck O’Neil, a star in the Negro League

And Gil Hodges, for his baat

The Rams won the Superbowl, Scotty Scheffler won The Masters

The Warriors beat the Celtics in six

The Winter Olympics featured faulty toilets and doping Russians

Which no one seemed able to fix

Ashleigh Barty won the Australian Open

The first Australian woman in 44 years

Rory McIlroy won the FedEx Cup in spectacular come-back fashion

And couldn’t hold back his Irish tears

Carlos Alcaraz won the US Open at 19

The youngest ATP #1

Federer retired

His competitive tennis playing days are done

South Carolina women and Kansas men

Won the NCAA March, (April?), Madness tourney

Serena lost in the 3rd round of the US Open

To end her tennis journey

Iga Swiatek and Rafa won French Open titles

Djokovich and Rybakina were Wimbledon’s best

Cameron Smith came from behind to win the Open Championship

And passed the Old St. Andrew’s test

Iga won again at the US Open

To become #1 in the women’s ranking

The Las Vegas Aces were the WNBA champs

Giving Connecticut a mere seven-point spanking

The Astros won the World Series

Aaron Judge belted a legitimate 62

The US won the President’s Cup

I wouldn’t lie…it’s true!

Caleb Williams won the Heisman

Another standout from USC

Georgia beat Alabama for the college football title

Being the best that they could be

Messi and Argentina won the World Cup

They are gods in soccer fans’ eyes

But their victory was in Qatar

Where FIFA won the biggest prize



Zu went off to college

To see what she could find

Grif started high school and he’s over 6 feet tall

That kinda blows my mind


In Passing


Richard Leakey was an anthropological fossil hunter

He discovered the oldest remains of humankind

Robert Durst was a self-confessed murderer

Who was clearly out of his mind…COVID-19

Lisa Brodyaga was a crusading immigration lawyer

Lawrence N. Brooks was the oldest WWII vet

Dr. Ronald Weinstein pioneered telemedicine

To telecure you on your TV set?

Mary Alice Thatch published the Wilmington Journal

And won a pardon for the Wilmington 10

Dr. Alan Scott used Botox

On people pretending to be young again

Lani Guinier was a legal scholar and voting rights advocate

Clinton threw her under the bus

Sheldon Silver was the NY State Democratic leader convicted of corruption

Corrupt politician…what’s all the fuss?

David Sassoli was the President of the European Parliament

Carl Bennett founded the Caldor discount store

Clyde Bellecourt co-founded the American Indian Movement

To protect their languages and their lore

Shirley McGreal tried to save primates

Threatened by poachers and researchers alike

Ed Schoenfeld was NYC’s impresario of Chinese food

Often delivered on a bike

Majid Al Futtaim was a developer who transformed Dubai

Deborah Nickerson researched the genome

Frank Dutton investigated Apartheid crimes

In South Africa, his home

Michael Parks was a Pulitzer-winning reporter

Then, Chief Editor of the LA Times

Yale Kamisar was the father of the Miranda Rule

For perps suspected of crime

Lisa Goddard created climate change models

As predictively accurate as they could get

David Boggs was the co-inventor

Of the Internet

Olavo de Carvalho was a Brazilian far-right nut job…COVID-19

Jerome Chazen was a partner of the Liz Claiborne empire

Adriana Hoffmann was a botanist who fought for Chile’s rain forests

That opportunists kept setting on fire

Edgar S. Kahn was a legal reformer

He founded the Antioch School of Law

John Vinocur was an intrepid foreign correspondent

Who reported on the things he saw

Israel Dresner was a rabbi and Civil Rights champion

Jeremiah Stamler researched ways to curb heart disease

Martine Colette rescued exotic animals

From poachers and pesky fleas

Phyllis Oakley was a female pioneer in the State Department

Cheslie Kryst, Miss USA 2019, committed suicide

Trude Feldman was a relentlessly probing White House reporter

From whom pols could run but could not hide

John Rice Irwin built museums to preserve Appalachian culture

Luc Montagnier won the Nobel for co-discovering H.I.V.

Dr. Herbert Benson was a cardiologist

Who championed meditative tranquility

Gloria Rojas was a trailblazing Latina TV journalist

Martin Tolchin founded The Hill

Paul Farmer founded the global Partners in Health

So fewer people would get ill

Gail Halvorsen was the Cold War Candy Bomber

He bombarded Berlin with sweets

Frank Gilbert fought to keep NYC landmarks

Where they belong, on NY streets

Rosalie Kunoth-Monks championed Australia’s native people

Arthur Feuerstein was an American chess master

Maggy Hurchalla was a formidable environmentalist

Who warned Florida of imminent disaster

Art Cooley founded the Environmental Defense Fund

Dennis Cunningham was a crusader for civil rights

Sally Schmitt was the Grand Dame of Napa Valley’s, French Laundry

Where I dined on countless nights

Autherine Lucy Foster was the first black student at U of Alabama

Walter R. Mears chronicled the Boys on the Bus

Elsa Klensch was a CNN reporter

Who discussed fashion with some of us

Monique Hanotte guided dozens of downed allies to safety

In Belgium, during the Second World War

Régine was the Impresario of discotheques

So, we could get down on the floor

Evgeny Maslin was a Russian general

He helped reduce nukes all around

Eugene N. Parker predicted the existence of Solar Wind

Which doesn’t make a sound

Charles E. Entenmann was the last of the baking family

Alain Graillot was a maker of Rhône wine

Brent Renaud was a photojournalist who went to Ukraine

And put it all out on the line

David Pinkel developed a cure for childhood Lukemia

Av Westin produced 20/20’s news

Jeanette Wagner globalized the Estée Lauder brand

Which women chose or chose not to use

Lauro Cavazos became the first Hispanic Cabinet member

When she took the Secretary of Education post

When it came to longevity as a Republican Congressman

Don Young served the most

Sumy Sadurni turned her photo-journalistic camera on East Africa

John Roach was a personal computer pioneer

Stephen Wilhite created the animated GIF

For us to see and sometimes hear…COVID-19

Madeleine Albright was the first woman US Secretary of State

She wore lots of fancy pins

She seemed to know where undue power stops

And diplomacy begins

Dirck Halstead was an intrepid Time Magazine photojournalist

Martin Pope’s research led to the OLED

Ursula Bellugi was a sign language pioneer

For speech that we could see

Terry Wallis awoke from a 19-year coma and began talking

I’m sure he had a lot to say

Orrin Hatch, from Utah, was a 7-term Senator

Then, he died one day

Arthur D. Riggs invented artificial insulin

Mimi Reinhard typed Schindler’s list

When it came to pickle making

Robert J. Vlasic had the gist

Gerda Weissmann Klein won a documentary Oscar

About surviving the Holocaust

Donald K. Ross rallied students for social change in the ‘70s

When it seemed that all was lost

William G. Hamilton was the dance doctor

Sidney Altman shared a Nobel for researching RNA

Mikhail Vasenkov was a Russian spy who inspired The Amerikans

Before he came in from the cold one day

Philip J. Hilts exposed Big Tobacco’s cover-up

Of the addictiveness of nicotine

Dr. Morton Mower invented the implantable defibrillator

That fit between your kidneys and your spleen

Norman Mineta was the first Japanese-American Cabinet member

Maria Marcus was an advocate for the hood

Alfred Baldwin was the lookout for the Watergate break-in

But he wasn’t very good

Randy Weaver was the crackpot behind Ruby Ridge

Richard C. Wald ran the news at ABC

Kathy Boudin was a member of the Weather Underground

Got convicted and served 23

Jack Cakebread was a Napa winemaker

Ken Bode hosted PBS’s Washington Week

The U.A.E. leader died

He was Khalifa, an Arab sheik

Carrie White was a Beverly Hills stylist

Known for doing celebrity hair

Julie Beckett lobbied for disabled children

To get medically approved home care

Ron Rice created Hawaiian Tropic Lotion

Kristine Gebbie was the first US AIDS czar

Ann Turner Cook was the original Gerber baby

Who set a very high cute babyface bar

Hazel Henderson was all about the environment

Amanda Claridge studied the ruins of ancient Rome

Andrée Geulen hid hundreds of Jewish children from the Nazis

Many in her own Belgian home

Val Broeksmit blew the Whistle on Deutsche Bank’s and Trump’s

Deal after shady deal

Ivana Trump, the mother of evil spawn

Fell down the stairs and died…for real

Charles Kernaghan exposed brands that used sweat shop labor

Gloria Allen was a transgender activist who ran a charm school

Valery Ryumin spent 362 days in space

 A clear winner of the space flight endurance pool

Mark Shields was a sharp-witted PBS Newshour pundit

Bernard Stolar sold video games

Clifford L. Alexander was an advisor to several Presidents

But I don’t remember their names

Paul Gunther helped rescue NYC landmarks

Willie Lee Morrow popularized the Afro Pick

Raymond Damadian invented the MRI scanner

So, docs could see if you were sick

Dr. Paul M. Ellwood, Jr. was the “Father of the H.M.O.”

Sonny Barger was the Hells Angels’ face

James Bardeen was an expert at unravelling Einstein’s equations

Relative to time and space

Johnnie A. Jones litigated Civil Rights

Barry Sussman edited Watergate reports

Mohammad Barkindo was OPEC’s Secretary General

In charge of oil exports

Shinzo Abe was a former Japanese Prime Minister

Then somebody shot him

John R. Froines was a member of the Chicago Seven

Who caused chaos ‘til they got him

Francis X. Clines was a lyrical writer for the NY Times

Gerald Shargel was an attorney for the Mob

On Luis Echeverria Alvarez’s resume

 Mexican President was his old job

Lily Safra was a socialite/philanthropist

Robert F. Curl, Jr. won the Nobel for discovering Bucky Balls

Albert Woodfox spent 42 years in solitary confinement

I imagine, climbing the walls

Eugenio Scalfari founded La Republica

Judith Schiff was the chief research archivist at Yale

Andrew J. Maloney was the prosecutor who took John Gotti down

And lived to tell the tale

David Trimble was from Northern Ireland

And a Nobel Peace Prize winner

James Lovelock was a pioneer in understanding ecology

As the ozone layer got thinner

Richard Tait co-invented Cranium

For the smarty pants in the room

Ayman al-Zawahiri was the Al Qaeda leader


Tim Giago founded the first Native American newspaper

Mario Fiorentini fought in Italy’s resistance

The Soviet Union sort of ended

Due to Mikhail Gorbachev’s insistence

Fidel Ramos was a Philippine President

Ann McGuiness fought for women’s health issues

Kamoya Kimeu dug up fossils in Kenya

Then wrapped them all in tissues

Leon E. Rosenberg studied inherited mental illness

Vadim Bakatin was the last chairman of the KGB

Roland Mesnier baked pastries for five Presidents

But he never baked any for me

Nafis Sadik was a UN official

And a champion of women’s rights

Frank Drake founded SETI

In his search for extra-terrestrial lights

Esther Cooper Jackson was a civil rights pioneer

Marilyn Loden coined The Glass Ceiling

Dr. Audrey Evans founded the first Ronald McDonald House

To help with cancer care and healing

Barbara Ehrenreich wrote of underpaid workers in Nickel and Dimed

Anne Garrels was a fearless correspondent for NPR

Stanley Turkel was a NYC hotel manager/historian

Thomas Carney tended Elaine’s bar

Queen Elizabeth II had a 70-year reign

How is royalty still a thing?

I guess, she wasn’t so bad in the scheme of things


Now her weird son is the king

Earl J. Silbert led the Watergate prosecution

Ken Starr was a flaming asshole

Robert D. Kern invented the Generac home back-up generator

Keeping the lights on, was his goal

Bernard Shaw was the 20-year lead anchor on CNN

Saul Kripke was a purveyor of semantic truth

Robert Ferante produced the news

From the CBS and NPR control booth

Moon Landrieu was a New Orleans mayor

Who championed equity for all races

Dr. Vincent DiMaio’s pathology concluded Van Gogh was murdered

One of those mysteriously contentious cases

Joseph Hazelwood was captain of the Exxon Valdez

That sullied Alaskan waters

Beryl Benacerraf was a pioneer in the use of pre-natal ultrasound

So, we could pre-see our sons and daughters

Herbert Kohler was a plumbing magnate

Who also built champion golf courses

Maximilian Lerner was one of WWII’s Ritchie Boys

Who spied on Axis forces

John Train co-founded the Paris Review

Valery Polyakov spent 437 days in space

Dietrich Mateschitz created the Red Bull empire

Which you can get, well…everyplace

Allan M. Siegal was a NY Times editor

The arbiter of language, tone, ethics and taste

Daniel Smith was the last known child of an enslaved person in the US

When his lineage was traced

Maarten Schmidt first identified a quasar

Bill Plante was the CBS News ’White House voice

David Gottesman was Warren Buffet’s partner

Either by happenstance or choice

Maurice Kanbar invented the sweater de-fuzzing comb

He invented Skyy Vodka, too

Nick Holonyak, Jr. developed LEDs for CDs and DVDs

Which I kinda remember…do you?

Dan Wieden created Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign

James A. McDivitt led the first walk in space

John Y. Brown, Jr. was a KFC exec

Who won the Kentucky Governor’s race

Benjamin Civiletti was AG during the Iran hostage crisis

Ashton B. Carter was Obama’s Secretary of Defense

Mehran Karimi Nasseri slept in Charles De Gaulle Airport for 18 years

Which made a movie, but didn’t make sense

Samuel L. Katz developed the Measles vaccine

Tony Isidore was the “bold statement” ad man

Marion Smith was the world’s most prolific cave explorer

He was truly a spelunking madman

Ela Bhatt advocated for India’s women workers

Dr. Mitchell Rosenthal founded Phoenix House

Abigail Kawãnanakoa was the last Hawaiian princess

To wear the royal aloha blouse

Herman Daly warned of rampant growth v. ecology

Ellen Levine helped create Oprah’s O

Evelyn de Rothschild was the scion of that banking dynasty

Who had piles and piles of dough

Frederick P. Brooks designed an early IBM home computer

Michael Pertschuk crusaded for auto safety and no smoking

Frances Hesselbein was a progressive Girl Scout leader

I love the Thin Mints…I’m not joking

“Cadillac” Frank Salemme led the New England mob

Don Luce helped turn the public against the Viet Nam War

Charlene Mitchell was the first black woman to run for President

But she never heard a victory roar

Dorothy Pitman Hughes brought black issues to feminism

Don Christopher was The Garlic King

Alberto Zamperla was an amusement park impresario

Roller coasters were his thing

Jose Maria Sison founded the Philippine Communist Party

Seldom an electoral winner

Ali Ahmed Aslam invented Chicken Tikka Masala

For mild Indian food lovers to have for dinner


Pope Benedict XVI


The Arts


April Ashley was a London socialite

And a transgender pioneer

Stephen Lawrence composed Free to Be…You and Me

Which kids and parents everywhere should hear

Sabine Weiss photographed war-ravaged faces

 In post WWII Paris streets

Harry Colomby managed Michael Keaton and Monk

Don Wilson led The Ventures’ beats

Judith Davidoff was a master of ancient stringed instruments

Max Julien was a Blaxploitation star

Marilyn Bergman wrote memorable lyrics

To put words to the way we are

Peter Bogdanovich directed What’s Up Doc?, Paper Moon

And the brilliant Last Picture Show

Bob Saget was a comic’s comic

So very sad to see him go

Dwayne Hickman was TV’s Dobie Gillis

Ronnie Spector sang Da Doo Run Run

Steve Jenkins wrote enlightening books for kids

To make learning science fun

Michael Lang co-created Woodstock

The music festival for the ages

Terry Teachout was a respected critic

On many NYC arts pages

James Mtume was a percussionist/writer/producer

Who most notably played with Miles

Nino Cerruti was a revolutionary

When it came to menswear styles

Rosa Lee Hawkins was one of the Dixie Cups

Whose Chapel of Love knocked Love Me Do off the top of the Charts

Lucy Rowan Mann was the doyenne of the Naumburg Foundation Awards

A lover and patron of the arts

Dale Clevenger was a French Horn master

Andrew Vachs wrote novels and litigated against child abuse

Marvin Lee “Meat Loaf “Aday’s Bat Out of Hell

Set the Rock n Roll Kraken loose…COVID-19


Sidney Poitier


Maria Ewing was an opera singer

John Bowman wrote comedic black-centric TV

Dallas Frazier wrote Alley Oop, Elvira, Beneath Still Waters

As good as Country songs can be

Ralph Emery was a Country Hall of Fame radio and TV host

Ali Mitgutsch illustrated beloved German children’s books

Ricardo Bofill designed otherworldly buildings

Which prompted 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th looks…COVID-19

André Leon Talley was a rare black fashion designer/editor

Beegie Adair was Nashville’s Jazz piano queen

Yvette Mimieux starred in Where the Boys Are

And the timeless Time Machine

Elza Soares was an outrageous Brazilian singer

Badal Roy fused traditional Indian percussion with jazz…COVID-19

Jana Bennett transformed TV science on the BBC

More than anyone ever has

Everett Lee was the first black Broadway conductor

Fred Harris arranged the Five Satins’, In the Still of the Night

Ron Goulart wrote 180 novels

Crap, that guy could write

Louie Anderson was a hilarious comic

 An actor/actress and TV host

Ivan Reitman directed Animal House, Ghostbusters and Stripes

And was simply funnier than most

Ann Arensberg wrote Sister Wolf and Group Sex…COVID-19

Peter Robbins originally voiced Charley Brown

John Koss invented stereo headphones

And changed how studio overdub tracks get laid down

Dan Einstein elevated the careers of John Prine and Steve Goodman

George Crumb composed whacky, challenging works

Jon Zazula was an early promoter of “Heavy Metal”

Swag T-shirts was one of the perks

Steve Schapiro was an intrepid photojournalist

Howard Hesseman was WKRP’s Dr. Johnny Fever

Douglas Trumbull created visual effects for 2001 and Close Encounters

Making every viewer a true believer

Tito Matos was a Puerto Rican percussionist and master of plena

Carol Speed was a Blaxploitation film star

Richard Christiansen wrote influential theater criticism for The Chicago Tribune

From a booth in a Chicago bar

Hargus “Pig” Robbins was a top Nashville studio piano player

Monica Vitti was an Italian movie queen

Birju Maharaj choreographed wild dance numbers

In scene after Bollywood scene

Jason Epstein edited the NYT Review of Books

John Wesley made minimalist, erotic, pop art

Sam Lay played for Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters and Dylan

Drumming was his part

Ashley Bryan wrote diverse books for kids

Syl Johnson was a local Chicago legend of soul

Barry Battman would take damaged works of art

And magically make them whole

Irwin Young helped independent filmmakers

Get their movies on a screen

Lata Mangeshkar was a beloved Bollywood voice

Heard but seldom seen

P. J. O’Rourke was a conservative, satirical writer

Parliament of Whores was among his best

Paul Herman was a character actor

Whose characters were often under arrest

Norma Waterson was a traditional English folk artist

Betty Davis was an innovative singer/songwriter of funk

Franz Mohr tuned the pianos in Carnegie Hall

So, they wouldn’t sound like junk

Lars Eighner tackled homelessness in Travels With Lizbeth

Beverly Ross wrote Lollipop

Shirley Hughes wrote and illustrated dozens of children’s books

But she died, and had to stop

Stephanie Selby was a kid in City Ballet

Chronicled in A Very Young Dancer

Kirstie Alley was delightful as Rebecca on Cheers

Then, sadly, she died of cancer

Ian McDonald was a guitarist/songwriter

For King Crimson and Foreigner too

John “The Amazing Jonathan” Szeles was a comedian/magician

Who made you laugh while fucking with you

Leslie Parnas was a celebrated cellist and teacher

Gary Brooker wrote and sang Whiter Shade of Pale

Bruce Duffy wrote the acclaimed The World as I Found It

I guess, the world had left a trail

Leonard Kessler was a colorful children’s author

Mr Pine’s Purple House, The Big Red Bus

Richard Howard was a Pulitzer-winning poet

Who translated poetry for all of us

Sandy Nelson was an LA studio drummer

Duvall Hecht founded Books on Tape

Dan Graham was a conceptual artist

Of mind-bending textures, color and shape

Sally Kellerman played M*A*S*H’s Hot Lips Houlihan

It was among her most endearing parts

Joni James was a 50’s chanteuse

Lovingly called The Queen of Hearts

Michele McNally directed NY Times photography

Carlos Barbosa-Lima was a virtuoso of classical guitar

Andrei Belgrader was an influential director who guided young careers

From unknown to future star

Sharon Wohlmuth photographed Carol Saline’s essays

Sisters, Mothers and Daughters and Best Friends

Bobbie Nelson was Willie’s piano-playing brother

But this is where his playing ends

Alan Ladd, Jr. was a Hollywood golden boy producer

Star Wars, Young Frankenstein, Chariots of Fire

Emilio Delgado was the beloved Luis on Sesame Street

For forty years before he’d retire

Tim Considine was the eldest on My Three Sons

And Spin in Spin and Marty

Barbara Morrison was a beloved west coast jazz singer

And the life of every party

Tony Walton was a Tony and Oscar-winning stage and screen designer

A true artist and my friend

Yuriko was a choreographer who carried Martha Graham’s torch

Until the very end

Conrad Janis played trombone, owned a gallery

And was the father on Mork & Mindy

Annie Flanders founded Details magazine

One day when it was windy

Leo Marx explored the clash between nature and culture

In his The Machine in the Garden book

John Korty directed the Diary of Miss Jane Pittman

If you missed it, take a look

William Hurt starred in The Big Chill, Altered States

Kiss of the Spider Woman and Body Heat

Taylor Hawkins was a rock steady drummer

Who kept the Foo Fighters beat

Timmy Thomas’s Why Can’t We Live Together?

Was his one and only hit

Nancy Milford wrote a biography of Zelda Fitzgerald

And then, repeated it

Hiram Maristany was Spanish Harlem’s “Peoples Photographer”

Patrick Demarchelier was a shooter of fashion

Estelle Harris played George’s mom on Seinfeld

With comedically preposterous passion

Bill Fries sang the trucker ballad, Convoy

Bobby Rydell was a teen idol of note

Wild One was his biggest hit

Which he sang but someone else wrote

William Kraft composed for overlooked instruments

June Brown was Britain’s EastEnders soap star

Jack Higgins wrote The Eagle Has Landed

And some of the best adventure novels, by far

Tabby and Bunny Diamond were reggae’s Mighty Diamonds

Roland White was a Bluegrass mandolin playing master

Rae Allen was a Tony-winner and TV actress

Who excelled in every part in which they cast her

Michelle Materre championed black, independent film

Liz Sheridan played Jerry Seinfeld’s mom

Gilbert Gottfried was a caustic, brilliant comedian

Who no one described as calm

Alan J. Hruska was a poet/novelist/filmmaker

Who founded the Soho Press

Nan Melville had a photographic love affair with dance

The hands, the feet, the dress

Doris Derby was a Civil Rights Era photographer

Patricia MacLachlan wrote Sarah, Plain and Tall

Marvin Chomsky directed Holocaust and Roots

He was among the best of all

Nehemiah Persoff acted on Gunsmoke, Columbo

Mission Impossible, The Twilight Zone

Jerry Uelsmann was a unique photographer

With a surrealistic outlook, all his own

Michel Bouquet was a premiere character actor of France

Cynthia Albritton was the Plaster Caster

Paul Siebel was a singer songwriter racked by stage fright

Which was a stultifying disaster

Ann Hutchinson Guest was an expert of dance notation

David Birney was the Bridget Loves Bernie guy

John Zaritsky made Oscar-winning documentaries of difficult subjects

With a probing documentarian’s eye

Art Rupe ran Specialty Records

The genesis of Rock n Roll

He discovered the amazing Lloyd Price and Little Richard

If there’s a god, god bless his soul

Kevin Lippert published architectural books

Catherine Spaak was a darling of the Italian screen

Barbara Maier Gustern taught NYC actors to be singers

If you know what I mean

Harrison Bristwistle was a modernist British composer

The lead singer of the Saints name was Chris Bailey

Kathryn Hays starred on As the World Turns for 38 years

And she did it almost daily

Letizia Battaglia photographed victims of mafia brutality in Sicily

Jimmy Wang Yu choreographed Kung Fu fights

Sid Mark spun mostly Sinatra records

On the radio for thousands of nights

Robert Morse broke out in How to Succeed…

He was the complicated Bert Cooper on Mad Men

He played many roles, like Capote in Dru

Which were seldom, if ever, bad men

Rolando Hinojosa-Smith wrote vividly of Chicano life

Neal Adams drew comic superheroes

George Pérez revitalized Wonder Woman

Digitally, with ones and zeroes

José Luis Cortés was a Timba Cuban bandleader

Jacques Perrin was in Cinema Paradiso and Z

Ron Galella relentlessly dogged Jackie O

Hiding with his cameras in a bush or a tree

Irving Rosenthal published Ginsberg, Kerouac and Burroughs

Gloria Parker played musical glasses in Broadway Danny Rose

If you think of larger-than-life, important folk singers

Judy Henske would have been one of those

Justin Green was the “Father of Autobiographical Comics”

Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin Mary

The first angry man in morning radio was named Josephson

But all of his friends just called him Larry

Klaus Schulze was the drummer for Tangerine Dream

In Depeche Mode, Andy Fletcher played keys

Vangelis composed the scores for Chariots of Fire and Blade Runner

Electronically, if you please

Naomi Judd sang with Winona

Mining gold in session after country session

But fell victim to the terrible, world-wide epidemic

Of debilitating depression

Marcus Leatherdale shot portraits of famous NYC characters

Morton L. Janklow repped best-selling books

Joanna Barnes acted in both versions of The Parent Trap

With distinctly generational looks

Mickey Gilley was a singer and owned a country bar

 Urban Cowboy was inspired by it

When they needed a 21st century Batman illustrator

Tim Sale said he would try it

Ric Parnell played drummer, Mick Shrimpton, in This is Spinal Tap

Fred Ward played tough guys in The Right Stuff and Henry and June

Colin Cantwell designed Star Wars, Close Encounters and 2001 spacecraft

For encounters far beyond the moon

Teresa Berganza was a charismatic mezzo-soprano

Rosmarie Trapp was the last Sound of Music kid

George Shapiro managed Seinfeld, Carl Reiner, Eddie Murphy…

It’s just what he did

Bob Neuwirth played guitar for Dylan and Janis

Jim Seals played and sang with partner, Dash

Elspeth Barker wrote, O Caledonia

For fifty dollars, cash

Ronnie Hawkins was a Rockabilly road warrior

Marvin Josephson was the ICM boss

Baxter Black was the quintessential cowboy poet

Who once poetically called me, Hoss

Kenneth Welsh was a quirky Canadian character actor

Philip Baker Hall was in Seinfeld and Boogie Nights

Harry Gesner designed bold architectural projects

On many California sites

Alan White played with Lennon and Harrison

And was most notably the drummer in Yes

Bill Walker was an arranger and Johnny Cash’s MD

For almost thirty years, I guess

Martha Myers ran the fabled American Dance Festival

As a teacher and a dancer

Who wrote the lyric to Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini?

Paul Vance, would be your answer

Dave Smith co-invented MIDI

How did music previously work without it?

If you needed to know anything about ‘charted’ music

You could have asked Joel Whitburn about it

Ranan Lurie drew political cartoons

Ken Knowlton was the “Father of Computer Animation and Art”

Singing Falling on Twin Peaks

Was Julee Cruise’s part

Paula Rego painted women’s experiences

Margaret Keane painted sad waifs with big eyes

Donald Pippin was one of those beloved

Broadway musical directoring guys

Peter Lamborn Wilson’s anarchic Temporary Autonomous Zone

Spawned Burning Man and Occupy Wall St.

Arnold Skolnick designed the Woodstock poster

I think that’s pretty neat

James Rado co-wrote Hair

By any measure, great

Then he lived off of it for fifty years

In a clearly altered state

Duncan Hannah was a critic of NYC art

Then became a painter of some note

Monty Norman was not a very well know composer

Except for the James Bond theme he wrote

Jean-Louis Trigntignant was brilliant in A Man and a Woman

The iconic, tortured everyman

Betty Rowland was an old school burlesque queen

Who stripped with feathers and a fan

Artie Kane was a loved LA pianist

Patrick Adamas composed disco hits

Nichelle Nichols’s portrayal of Lieutenant Uhuru

Was one of her most remembered bits

Sam Gilliam was an abstract drape painter

Kurt Markus photographed Cowboys and such

Tommy Morgan was an LA session harmonica master

Who I liked very, very much

Mary Fuller Chesney was a California sculptor

Of Aztec-inspired goddesses and bears

Joe Turkel played the spectral bartender in The Shining

If anybody cares

Peter Brook was an ambitious, creative stage director

Spider Webb sketched artistic tattoos

Harvey Dinnerstein painted scenes of everyday life

With reds and yellows and blues

James Caan was Sonny Corleone

In Elf he played the dad

Ni Kuang was one of the most prolific novelist/screenwriters

That Hong Kong ever had

Kazuki Takahashi created Yu-Gi-Oh!

Some Japanese manga thing

Paul Sorvino was a mild-mannered Godfellas thug

Who also loved to sing

Mark Fleischman was the last impresario of Studio 54

At the end of the disco age

Larry Storch played Corporal Agarn

When F Troop was all the rage

Tony Sirico was Paulie Walnuts on The Sopranos

Taurean Blacque was in Hill Street Blues

David Dalton was an early Rolling Stone rock writer

Who gave us music news

Adam Wade was a singer and actor

The first black TV game show emcee

Stuart Woods wrote best-selling thrillers

To entertain you and me

L. Q. Jones played movie bad guys for 50 years

Ronni Solbert illustrated children’s tales

William Hart led the Delfonics

When there were still some R&B sales

Claus Oldenburg sculpted bigger-than-life versions

Of things you might see every day

When Stevie and Miles needed a bass man

The called Michael Henderson to play

Sean Kelly wrote lyrics for Lemmings

He also wrote for the National Lampoon

Shonka Dukureh sang Hound Dog as Big Mama Thornton in Elvis

Then left us way too soon

Bob Rafelson directed Five Easy Pieces

Tony Dow was Beaver’s big bro

The decades-long president of Warner Bros. Records was Mr. Ostin

But most everybody called him Mo

David Warner liked playing movie villains

Like The Omen, Titanic and Tron

Olivia Newton-John’s music and smile

Will live on and on and on

Charlotte Pomerantz was an inventive children’s book writer

Bernard Cribbins was in Doctor Who

George Booth won well-deserved accolades

For the zany New Yorker cartoons he drew

Mary Alice won a Tony for Fences

Pat Carroll was a beloved TV and stage star

Mick Moloney was a champion of Irish culture and music

Who played banjo and guitar

Burt Metcalfe was the last showrunner of M*A*S*H

David McCullough wrote about America’s past

Virginia Patton Moss played Ruth Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life

Of the cast, she was the last

Clu Gulager was a rugged TV and film actor

The Virginian, The Killers, The Last Picture Show

Melissa Bank wrote The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing

For any girls who wanted to go

Mary Ellin Barrett was Irving Berlin’s daughter

Issey Miyake designed Japanese clothes

Bert Fields represented celebrities

Whenever legal matters arose

Judith Durham sang the Seekers’, Georgie Girl

Roger E. Mosley was on Magnum, P.I.

Chase Mishkin was the Tony-winning producer of Memphis and Dame Edna

A hilarious, cross-dressing guy

Sid Jacobson wrote songs and comic books

 Richie Rich, The 9/11 Report

Peter Straub wrote novels

 Of the supernatural sort

Lamont Dozier wrote songs with the Hollands

14 that made number one

He helped define the sound of Motown

The grooves, the funk, the fun

Jean-Jacques Sempé drew more than 100 New Yorker covers

Bill Pitman played the Wrecking Crew’s guitar

Anne Heche was a very troubled actress

Who was killed when she crashed her car

Nicholas Evans wrote The Horse Whisperer

John Eastman repped McCartney at the Beatles break-up

Norah Vincent passed as a man to write Self-Made Man

By wearing wigs and suits and makeup

Wolfgang Petersen directed The Never-Ending Story

The Perfect Storm and Das Boot

Just Jaeckin wrote and directed Emmanuelle

Who was often filmed in her birthday suit

Paul Coker drew Mad’s “Horrifying Cliches”

And TV’s Frosty the Snowman

Joey DeFrancesco was a master jazz organist

And a consummate musical showman

Creed Taylor produced hours and hours of jazz

Tim Page photographed the Viet Nam War

Ned Rorem was a Pulitzer Prize-winning composer and author

Who literally knew the score

Raymond Briggs was a children’s author and illustrator

Snowman was his most well known

Joanne Koch led the Film Society at Lincoln Center

Occasionally, all alone

Jerry Allison was a good guy

He died, and that’s a bummer

When Buddy Holly was leading the Crickets

Jerry was the drummer

Robert LuPone was in The Sopranos and Law & Order

And, of course, A Chorus Line

Tina Ramirez founded Ballet Hispánico

So, Hispanic dancers had a place to shine

Sy Johnson collaborated with Mingus

 As a photographer/composer/arranger…COVID-19

Billy Bengston was a painter and a stuntman

Who lived for color, speed and danger

Amy Stechler was a documentarian and Ken Burns’ ex

Who helped create their unique style

Marsha Hunt was a blacklisted actress

Then became a social activist after while

Richard Roat was a popular extra on Seinfeld

As well as Cheers and Friends

Javier Marías was a Nobel-nominated Spanish novelist

Who was known for bucking trends

Mable John was among the first singers signed to Motown

Archie Roach was an aboriginal man of blues

Rommy Hunt Revson was a nightclub singer who invented the Scrunchy

Something worthwhile to use

Ramsey Lewis was a grooving jazz master

Irene Pappas was in Zorba, the Greek

You should Google Kitten Natividad

If it’s gigantic-boobed porn stars that you seek

Jorja Fleezanis was concertmaster of the Minnesota Orchestra

Henry Silva played menacing bad guys

Paul T. Kwami directed the Fisk Jubilee Singers

To let their spirits rise

Sterling Lord was the literary agent for Kerouac, Breslin

Buchwald, Ferlinghetti and more

Jack Brogan was a master art fabricator

At his art fabrication store

Charlie Finch was a caustic New York art critic

Art Rosenbaum collected American Traditional Music for years

Pharoah Sanders was a saxophone-playing force of nature

And a favorite of his peers

Lily Renée Phillips drew powerful, glamorous ladies

As the heroines of comic book art

Irwin Glusker designed the look and covers of American Heritage Magazine

Which set it stunningly apart

As studio guitarists go, in Nashville

Ray Edenton was among the best

Louise Fletcher was Nurse Ratched

In One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Rita Gardner was the original “the Girl” in the Fantasticks

Coolio gave us Gangsta’s Paradise

Sacheen Littlefeather rejected Brando’s Oscar at the ‘73 ceremony

And wasn’t treated very nice

Joe Bussard collected 15,000 78rpm records

Judy Tenuta was the accordion-playing Love Goddess, you see

Sue Mingus kept husband Charlie’s music alive

An act of synchronicity

Lowry Mays built the media giant, Clear Channel

Charles Fuller won a Pulitzer for A Soldier’s Play

Alain Tanner directed Jonah Who Will Be 25 in the Year 2000

In the future, then, but not today

Jack Charles was the Grandfather of Aboriginal Theater

Günter Lamprecht was a German actor of note

Angela Landsbury starred on stage and on screen

And TV, in Murder, She Wrote

Loretta Lynn was the Coal Miner’s Daughter

She sang her heart out on her sleeve

Roger Welsch was known on CBS Sunday Morning

For telling stories we could believe

Sonia Handelman Meyer photographed ordinary people

Robbie Coltrane was a comedic-acting Scot

If you needed great background singers for your Country songs

Anita Kerr was who you got

Brooks Arthur was a legendary music producer

He was also a longtime friend

Seymore “Red” Press was still contracting Broadway shows

Until the very end

Art Laboe was a So Cal DJ

Oldies But Goodies were his thing

Mary McCaslin was a West coast folky

I loved to hear her sing

Grace Glueck was a NYT writer

Who fought for gender equality in art

Carly Simon’s sisters, Lucy and Joanna

Both, sadly, died one day apart

Robert Kalfin directed the Chelsea Theater Center

Bernard McGuirk produced the Imus Show

Douglas Kirkland shot celebrity portraits

In case you needed to know

Nikki Finke was a caustic Hollywood reporter

Peter Schjeldahl was the art critic for The Village Voice

When Margo Feiden hung up art in her gallery

Hirschfeld was her choice

Jerry Lee Lewis was a wild man

Goodness gracious, Great Balls of Fire

There was a whole lotta shakin’ when he married his cousin

Out of questionable familial desire

Stephanie Dabney was an electrifying prima ballerina

As a Dance Theater of Harlem dancer

Which 3-D film pioneer wrote the lyrics to Puff the Magic Dragon?

Lenny Lipton would be the answer

Eileen Ryan was a beloved NY actress

And the mother of Sean and Chris Penn

John Jay Osborn, Jr. wrote The Paper Chase

About law-practicing women and men

Geoff Nuttall led the Spoleto Music Festival

Also, the St. Lawrence Quartet

If you needed a Fire Island house designed

Harry Bates was the guy you would get

Ray Liotta played creepy parts

Like in Goodfellas and Field of Dreams

Pierre Soulages was the Master of Black

Who claimed black was much more than it seems

Colin Forbes was the Pentagram co-founder

Whose designs used iconic text

Mike Davis wrote City of Quartz

To foretell which cultural catastrophe was next

Jules Bass was the creative producer

Of TV’s Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer show

Gene ‘Cip’ Cipriano was a beloved LA studio saxophonist

Man, that guy could blow

Leslie Jordan was in Will & Grace

Then became an Instagram star

Joe Tarsia was The Sound of Philadelphia recording engineer

On heavy rotation in my car

I think Gallagher hated watermelons

He was called, The Wizard of Odd

Gal Costa was an angelic Brazilian singer

My atheistic hand to god

Julie Powell had a food blog

That inspired the Julie & Julia movie

Christine Farnon created the first Grammy Awards ceremony, May 4, 1959

Before that was even groovy

Douglas McGrath was a humorist, playwright, and actor

Jeff Cook was a member of the Alabama band

Michael Butler financed Hair on Broadway

Which fared slightly better than he planned

Kevin Conroy was the animated voice of Batman

For nearly thirty years

Kevin O’Neill drew the comic, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

And was respected by his peers

David Davis produced Mary Tyler Moore

And created the Bob Newhart and Taxi shows

Dominique Lapierre wrote Is Paris Burning?

An exemplary work of prose

Dan McCafferty sang Love Hurts in Nazareth

George Lois designed visionary art

Robert Clary was one of Hogan’s Heroes

Corporal Louis LeBeau, was his part

John Aniston was Jennifer’s dad

And a Days of Our Lives co-star

If I had any say in naming music business execs

I would have named Charles Koppelman, Czar

Budd and Silver Friedman were comedy legends

The Improv was their epicenter

The Philly Soul Sound gave us the Stylistics and the Spinners

And Thom Bell was their mentor

Alice Davis designed the costumes for It’s A Small World

And the Pirates of the Caribbean rides

Pablo Milanés was the troubadour of the Cuban Revolution

When Cubans were taking sides

Iren Cara did not live forever

But she sang Fame and What a Feeling

When Freddie Roman rifted in the Catskills or Friar’s Club

He was the doctor of comedic healing

Ed Rudy chronicled the Beatles first American tour

Danny Kalb played Blues Project guitar

Christine Perfect McVie was the heart and soul of Fleetwood Mack

And sang of who we love and are

Michael Feingold was the drama critic for the Village Voice

George Newall was the last of the creators of Schoolhouse Rock

Bob McGrath was an original member of the Sesame Street cast

Who spent years upon that block

Jim Stewart co-founded Stax Records with his sister

A mecca of soul and blues

Art Brewer photographed surfers

Riding waves without their shoes

Allen Kay coined, If You See Something, Say Something

Stuart Margolin acted on and directed The Rockford Files

Alice Teirstein taught thousands of New Yorkers to dance

In many, many styles

Lee Lorenz was the cartoon editor of the New Yorker

Beryl Grey was an acclaimed British ballet dancer

Who wrote the music for Blue Velvet, Mulholland Drive and Twin Peaks?

Angelo Badalamenti, is the answer

Herbert Deutsch co-created the Moog synthesizer

Dino Danelli was the Rascals’ drummer

Stanley Drucker was a NY Philharmonic clarinetist for 60 years

Then he died, and that’s a bummer

Mike Hodges directed Get Carter, Croupier and Flash Gordon

Kim Simmonds led Savoy Brown

Adrienne Mancia curated films for MOMA

On 53rd St. in midtown

Elayne Jones was a classical percussionist

Who took a gender and racial stand

Terry Hall was the frontman for the Specials

A fantastic ska revival band

Nélida Piñon was the first woman President of the Brazilian Academy of Letters

Oh…and did you hear the news?

Maya Ruiz-Picasso…his daughter, died

He often claimed she was his muse

Arata Isozaki was a global Japanese architect

He designed MOCA, in LA

Ian Tyson was a Canadian folk legend of Ian and Sylvia fame

He could sing and write and play

Jean-Luc Goddard was a masterful director

At the heart of French New Wave

Tony Vaccaro’s WWII photographs from the soldiers’ perspective

Were mementos that he gave

Barbara Walters broke through barriers

As a TV host and prime time news anchor

She opened doors for countless women

I hope they had a chance to thank her




Sam Jones was a Celtics All-Star

Dan Reilly was the original Mr. Met

Bob Wall was a martial arts sensei

With belts as black as they could get

Dan Reeves was a Superbowl-winning coach

Billy Turner trained Seattle Slew

Don Maynard was a Hall-of-Fame receiver

To whom Joe Namath often threw

Chris Dickerson was the first black, openly gay Mr. America

Joe B. Hall coached Kentucky B-ball

Lusia Harris was the only woman drafted by the NBA

But they never played her, after all

Clark Gillies won four consecutive Stanley Cups

When the Islanders dominated

Jim Drake photographed sports celebs

Some he liked, some he hated

Bill Fitch coached the Celtics

Emile Francis rebuilt the Rangers

Dottie Frazier was a pioneering deep-sea diver

A job fraught with deep sea dangers

Charley Taylor was a HoF receiver

John Landy was the second to break the 4-minute mile

Joan Joyce was a dominant softball pitcher

With a hard-to-hit screwball style

Kent Waldrep was an injured college football player

Who helped get the Americans with Disabilities Act to pass

Dave Butz was an All-Pro defensive lineman

Who knocked players on their ass

Johnny Grier was the first black NFL referee

Shane Warne was an Australian cricket great

Scott Hall was Razor Ramon, a Pro Wrestling villain

That wrestling fans loved to hate

Gene Shue was an NBA all-star player and coach

Rayfield Wright played on the Cowboys’ line

Bob Lanier played Center for the Pistons and Bucks

And rarely rode the pine

Shirley Spork was a teaching pro and founder of the LPGA

Guy LaFleur was a Canadiens star

Lester Piggott was a winning British jockey

Who rode a horse more than a car

Daryle Lamonica was the Mad Bomber quarterback of the Raiders

Kenny Moore was a marathoner and SI track writer

Ernie Shavers went the distance with Ali

Though he was a pretty mediocre fighter

Peter Moore was a Nike exec

He started the “Sneaker Revolution”

Lance Mackey figured out how to win the Iditarod four times

Fast dogs, was his solution

Hank Goldberg was a sports betting handicapper

Maury Wills was the Dodger’s base-stealing king

Hilaree Nelson was a world-famous skier

Known best for mountaineering

Tom Weiskopf was a much-loved golfer

Mike Brito was a Dodger Mexican scout

Gary Gaines was the Friday Night Lights football coach

Until the lights went out

Bill Russell was a legendary NBA player and coach

And a lifelong activist for civil rights

Mills Lane was a colorful referee

For many historic, championship fights

Vin Scully was the Voice of the Dodgers

For over 67 years

Jule Campbell created the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

To stimulate athletic leers

Marion “The Barbarian” Barber III was a tenacious Cowboy running back

Uwe Seeler was a German soccer star

When it came to coaching diving champs

Hobie Billingsley raised the bar

Bruce Katz co-founded Rockport

He championed walking as a sport

Princeton basketball was always better

When coach, Pete Carril, was on the court

Len Dawson was a HoF quarterback for the Chiefs

John Stearns was a feisty catcher for the Mets

Bruce Sutter was a Cy Young/HoF relief pitcher

That’s about as good as it gets

Hector Lopez was a Yankee and MLB’s first black coach

Tiffany Jackson was an all-star in the WNBA

Jane Gross opened doors to female sports reporters

When she walked into the locker room one day

Roz Wyman convinced Walter O’Malley to bring the Dodgers to LA

From her city council seat

Kathy Whitworth held the record for the most US golf wins

I think that’s pretty neat

Joseph Kittinger was a gonzo sky diver

Who survived a16-mile free fall

Gaylord Perry was a Hall of Fame pitcher

With an unapologetic spitball

Nick Bolletieri nurtured tennis champs

Mike Leach won 8 bowl games with his “Air Raid” offense

Grant Wahl was a sports writer who died covering the World Cup

Some things just don’t make sense

Paul Silas was a Celtic all-star defensive guard

He was the first pro to coach LeBron

Billie Moore won women’s basketball titles with two different schools

Right on, right on, right on


Franco Harris caught the Immaculate Reception



What more can you say?




Mike Lang was an epic artist

He was equally epic as a friend

Thankfully I have hours and hours of his music

So, Mike’s gifts will never end


Anne Parsons saved my life

Of course,

She would make that throat-clearing laugh

Or give you the look-away grin

If presented with such an idea


Anne’s propensity for rescue

Both quiet and boisterous

Calm and intense

Was her superpower

Any wrong that could be righted

Or diva, (more likely, divo), in need of cuddle

Or chaos, crying out for taming

Took a grateful knee

Before her un-fuzzy logic

And precise measure

Of hug and heart




And so, the ball has dropped

It’s the dawn of ‘23

The road ahead seems less than smooth

And the possibility

Of charity and grace

Rescuing the day

Is a long shot if you look around

For the price we have to pay

For peace

Seems too rich for planet Earth

What a heartbreaking notion

That fairness and empathy and respect for one another

Stirs a contrary emotion

In so many errant souls

Choosing frivolously valued ends

Whose means require inhumanity

And like-minded misled friends

Who keep rising all around us

In our neighborhoods and schools

And from the podia of government

Suffering like fools


I still trust there is a force

And that Yoda might be real

And the majority of the human race

Who genuinely feel

That everybody counts

No one stands above

That everything is better

When we believe in love


Perhaps a bit more diligence

A more assertive, louder voice

Refusing to give in to nincompoops

To exercise the choice

We have to not concede

To do better than we’ve done

To stem fascist momentum

For the good of everyone


The alternative is hellish

Not what I’d resolve to see

Unlike  my perennial, hippy candle wish

For 2023




I still count myself among the luckiest

And to show my gratitude

Again, this year, I’ve made a lovable donation, in all of your names to

Project Angel Food