I kinda thought we went down that road about 160 years ago and it didn’t go so well for anyone, the seceders in particular.  Unfortunately, numbskulls like Marjorie Taylor Greene who know nothing of history, humanity, kindness or, most assuredly, the foundational principles and Constitution of the United States of America, have elbowed their way up to the bully pulpit to use the free speech afforded them by those principles, Constitution, etc., to advocate for tearing it all down.  The irony, (actually, the number of ironies would fill an old-timey urban phonebook), is, that in the kind of Putin-esque government she finds so appealing, her speaking out against her own would bring about speedy, punitive reprisal.As those of us who truly give a shit sit anxiously awaiting decisions for indictments against the traitors who, led by our former Russian mole President, attempted to destroy everything our country stands for, MTG and Gaetz and Boebert and McCarthy and Tucker fucking Carlson need to be regarded, and prosecuted as the dangerous insurrectionists they openly profess to be.  I might have this wrong, but I’m pretty sure that calling for the overthrow of the United States of America is not the same free speechy thing as opining, for instance, that MTG looks like a butt ugly, fairytale witch in really stupid clothes and…she stinks!