To catch my drift, you have to say the word with a complete exhalation of breath and an Oscar-worthy undertone of disgust.  While this has been a more-than-hinted-at recurring theme of mine, the thesis-proving news cycle of the past week has been particularly affirming.  For instance:

The beings who populate the various job descriptions at the propaganda mill, absurdly called Fox News, are primarily DNA matched with humans.  However, they are so void of the nuanced traits of compassion and kindness and hygiene, (they all stink), one expects from reasoning, 21st century creatures, that I must say I’m on the fence as to whether to consider them among my species or if I should be looking for an effective bug-like spray to beat back the spread.  In particular, I have a lot of hard evidence, (which I am unable to share for no good reason whatsoever), that Tucker Carlson is an aberrant mutation resulting from a Swanson lab accident, and if Hugo Chavez doesn’t take care of him, somebody else needs to step up…and soon.

Putin…hard ‘P’, hard ‘t’, sounds like the noise you make to ward off the evil eye.  I rest my case.

Every Republican ignoramus who is hellbent on making us dumber, less healthy and more unsafe in their guns-for-all rodeo…what are the human parts of that?

To the people responsible for train safety…talking about train safety is nothing like making trains safe.  That would involve looking at the lists of all the things that are unsafe about trains and spending the money to fix them.

Spotify…see “Putin”, above