Tik Tok

I wouldn’t have a clue where to begin researching the timeline that plots the tipping point in world history when bullshit became preferrable to fact, since most of the available reference material is likely bullshit.  It’s quite possible, I dare say, probable, that the answer may fall in the vagueness of forever ago.  You know, like it’s wired into human DNA to cozy up to poppycock.  Using that as a supposition, the mastery of manipulating others by pulling shit out yo ass in convincing style can easily be traced to the root of every religion, every war and every despotic rise to power.  Dissemination used to take ingenuity and guile and face to face intimidation.  No more.  Not with everyone a thumb press away from the Internet.  Sometime, in the last ten or fifteen years, the aspirational best job ever has become, without a close second choice, Influencer, and tragically, the billions of eager job applicants would be hard pressed to list or even give a rat’s ass as to the areas of which they would apply that influence.  Tik Tok, Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter, Podcasts and the more traditional talk radio and TV chit chat and pretend news shows have created an intellect-free biosphere of unsubstantiated drivel that gets repeated and accepted as gospel whenever the shoe fits those longing to be part of something…anything.  That the worst of us is using this unstoppable technology to dastardly ends should come as no surprise…it’s how we roll.  The recent, mock outrage by politicians posturing their too late concerns as if any declaration or legislation has the power to stuff all the woe back into Pandora’s box, is but a windmill-tilting exercise.  It’s Tik Tok’s world and we’re just pretending to live in it.