Chinese philosophy is steeped in the relationships of the natural order of things:  earth to sky, man to beast, the this to the that.  At some early point of my hippiest years, I stumbled upon the captivating simplicity of the yin/yang symbol and it’s cuddly, sixty-nine-ish, jigsaw-puzzlely black and whiteness and felt, and still feel, a direct and ancient connection.  I was quick and eager to interleave the principles of physics with woo woo, incense-burning, cleansing breath meditation in my quest to feng shui the world into its most perfect harmonic balance.  Then, I stopped getting high.  So, now I clack away at a keyboard, almost as frivolously as those days when I was certain I could change the world with my mind…if I’d only been able to master levitation.

These days, I’m mostly confused.  Surely, those far east wise men wanted us to notice that stability comes from the tug of polar opposites, the black and the white and, although what I’ve read does not overtly infer good v. evil, there’s certainly no evidence to the contrary.  Human history is nothing but builders and destroyers, good guys and bad guys, lovers and haters and what perplexes me is, that by all indications the yin outweighs the yang, yet the yang holds sway.  I’m not confused by the existence of kindness and cruelty, but I cannot find a path to understanding the yangish endgame.  Putting it simply, kind and caring people are looking for that group hug of World Peace.  Conversely, when the drooling, hate-mongering, gun-toting, bible-thumping deplorables, (Hillary was 100% on point), finally catch the car, what’s their reward…burning in eternal damnation?