I’m personally drawn to the notion of it being another man’s floor.  Its very loud and newsy iteration of being an imaginary boundary requiring continually legislated expansion to avoid imminent disaster, well, that’s just political bullshit.  The world’s economy teeters on the whim and perception of a handful of purposely manipulated indicators.  The idea that missing a manufactured deadline on the due date of America’s debt would throw the global economy into a cataclysmic shit storm…probably correct, but why?  For no reason what-so-fucking-ever…that’s why.  No one thinks the United States of America would grub and run.  Perhaps its most recent past executive would expect a free lunch, but the US of A pays up and tips well.  Of course, that may soon falter if we can’t figure out how to put down the rabidity of the drooling, treasonous behavior of the MAGA maniacs.  But, for now, we’ve got the deepest pockets and everybody’s hands are in them.  That reasonable people had to make awful, fundamental concessions to avoid this pretend disaster, is simply unreasonable.  An oil pipeline in Virginia?  Restrictions on Food Stamps?  More, more, more military spending.  Less, less, less taxes on the rich, rich, rich.  Joe Biden may be a canny political player, but he and his party, (the one that I truly believe is the best and only chance of America’s survival), are losing the messaging battle that is our only hope.  The debt ceiling deal is but further actionable proof that a woefully evil minority is clearly focused and on track to tear it all down.  Sometimes, you have to pay attention to Chicken Little when pieces of the ceiling are hitting you in the head.