First off, can we stop saying shit like, “everyone’s equal under the law”?  This week’s circus in Fulton County, GA was irrefutable evidence of what a load of crap that notion is…just ask any black jaywalker, who has been processed through that same facility, if their experience was anything like P01135809’s or any of his co-conspirators.

And, what’s with all of the giggling by the anchors at MSNBC?  Do any of you really think this is how justice works…and that it’s somehow funny?  This is an existential moment for our country, our very wonderfully flawed, full-of-potential country.  We either deal swiftly and relentlessly against the brazen, treasonous criminals who mounted an as yet unsuccessful coup against the United States of America, or we start shopping for brown shirts.  None of that is funny!  P01135809’s not funny!  Elon Musk and his X, (stop using it!!!), are not funny!  None of the traitorous, (“sure, I’d vote for him”), Republican candidates are funny!  And, all of the assholes with “Trump 2024” and “Ass***in8 Joe Biden” bumper stickers riding around my home town, are too fucking stupid and dangerous to ever be funny!

I don’t have any sense of how this plays out.  In a time where the leaders of one side of the aisle are raising their hands to the question, “Who would support him, even if he is convicted?”, where we are teetering on the brink of being one violent power grab away from totalitarian despotism…well, that’s really not funny.